I love Lost Ark, but please look at this chaos dungeon loot, why AMG/SMG?

I am a F2P Player, I love Lost Ark, I’ve only played western release, and watch Lost Ark on twitch before this. Don’t get me wrong but the t3 dead zone gatekeep is too real here, making the p2w wall exist to milk people money because of the high player base in the beginning. This is already proven in Korea with statistic, so why wasn’t something done before release to combat this dead zone?

Please I really like this game, do something about the honing/materials sooner rather than lather. I am looking forward to the Legion raid as I’ve been watching twitch all day/night while I’m playing checking out the end game content, they are on par and rival WoW’s end game raid and I’ve played wow for over 15+ years. I can’t wait for Hell mode Vykas or Valtan.

Just let me say, I’ve played all the MMO out there, even the most recent Elyon to the old school hardcore grinder Lineage/Lineage 2, Grinding is nothing new to me, I can grind all day everyday so that’s not the problem.

is this really from 1 chaos dungeon? wtf? Earlier on my Berserker I only got 90 guardian and 70-/+ destruction stones, and only 4 pieces of gear at 1325 Chaos dungeon.


This was from stage 1…wtf


this is stage 2…wtf again?


total of THREE honor leapstone for the entire run @ 1325 dungeon, the 1355 one is SLIGHTLY better.

I have 9 character, 8 alt, 4 in t3(1325 alts)and rest in t2. Main is 1365, w/ 100+ fail in t3, started at 75 fails reaching t3, ended at 220(w/ alt fails), I’ve spent good 250k+ gold on honing after price fell, now I’m broke, and selling my mats to recoup my lost, because I really wanted to reach 1370 this week to do Argos, I’m getting bored of the daily task right now.

I work a “full time” job that don’t have a set schedule, sometime I work 7 days, sometimes I work 2, so on the days I don’t work I grind 12 hours+ a day to catch up for days I lost working, because I can’t really play when I work.

This loot is actually stupid, w/ Guardian raid that’s about 1 attempt a day on armor, less for weapon. 7-9 attempt a week if I were to only play 1 character, or if I grind like a mad man for 12 hours a day with 8 alts and hopefully I can get 30-40 attempt a week, this also means little income because T2 mats price as fallen significantly and my t2 alts can’t produce a lot of gold anymore compare to before.
Why am I force to grind like this If I want to progress at a faster pace than the casual as a F2P?

Let’s hope I don’t get this right, but once the player base dies down, they will implement the honing changes(unless the community rise up and actually make them do it sooner) and maybe make our version more like KR/RU/JP where changes are minimal.


yup seems like a normal low roll chaos dungeon for T3

even on RU it was like this. the T3 Chaos Dungeons just dont give a whole heck of a lot at a time. we are missing a lot of the stuff that is in T3 and there is a huge amount of mats coming in tomorrows patch. rejoice


I might have found why you are getting bored with dailies. If I had to do the same task on 9 chars everyday I’d be bored too.


Well good job setting up your alts, maybe you should think about doing a strat where you do all stuff on your alts only on weekends, and maybe una tasks on a wednesday as well. Using the rest bonus like this will give you loot 8 times per character per week instead of 14 for only playing 2 days instead of 7 days.

I for myself am going for a every 3 day rotation.
Day1: Main Char + Alt 1
Day2: Main Char + Alt 2
Day3: Main Char + Alt 3
That way you will lose 1 Day of progress per character but you only play a third.


Dang and I’m already given up on my 4th alt :joy:. They want you to do the entire story all over again and again wtf! Even with knowledge uses you still have to do story!! :hushed:

Give us more classes to use then!? I’ll take 1 destroyer to go please thanks.

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Yes, I’m bored with dailies as a result of not able to push my gear up to 1370+ do anything else in the game. I don’t find the gameplay boring as I play all different character that are fun. If I’m able to push to 1385(easily after 1370) I will have more goals to do like bringing my alts to 1370. I also don’t play everyday, only on days off I play my toons, I only do 2-3 character on my work days if allow, but most likely not. There just aren’t enough resource for upgrading right now, the event probably won’t help because of the original t3 honing rate.

I did mutiple story 4-5 times lol i’m pro and very fast at it now haha

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Yeah just wish I could pick some of the classes that aren’t here yet.

I will try that out, will see how it works, thanks for suggestion!

Its really pathetic and guardians is worse. They wonder why we cant get to t3 lmfao. the island mats for t2 are sparse, the merchants are capped, and the main source dungeons are sparse too.

this is NORMAL for a “Bad RNG” run. stop spreading this misinformation that there was some sort of stealth nerf. there wasnt. ive been in T3 for about 3 weeks now and this is what runs look like on bad days. 3-4 on a bad day 5-7 on a good day and 8-10 on a great day (Per run btw)

Y’all really need to come to terms with the FACT that mats become more scarce, honing chances drop, and honing sost is significantly more in T3. also that its INFINATELY easier to add an event like this upcoming one than to tweak trop table weights (Weight meaning drop chance)

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Nice suggestion, I’ll try this out myself!

this is actually a really good idea, would make having more alts viable to me. I never really payed attention to what the rest bonus did as I’ve never had it. Even with 3 chars 6 chaos/ guardian and 9 dailies is something like 3-4 hours of play. So does the rest bonus work if you just don’t do that activity or you can’t login the char to say contribute to guild or go thru the story or dailies.

Well every Entry that is left over at the reset time gets converted to rest bonus

1 Una Task-> 10 Una Rest => 30 Rest a day (100 cap so cap after 3.3 days)
1 Guardian Entry = 10 Guardian Rest => 20 Rest a day (100 cap so 5 days)
50 aura Chaos dungeon = 10 Chaos dungeon Rest => 20 Rest a day (100 cap so 5 days)

20 Rest Bonus = double loot for one entry

So overall you will get 2/3 loot for only playing 1/3 of the time

Tho be warned Rest bonus does not apply to Reputation from Una Tasks

The good thing is you don’t even have to have a strict schedule, if you have the time you can play the stuff anyway as you will always get more loot!

bro where am i spreading misinformation? buddy go read my thread before YOU spread misinformation, I mention the drop rate sucks, I never once mention a nerf get YOUR facts straight bro.

WE need the daily and weekly events like bridge, challenge guardian, etc we’re missing a duck ton of materials and it seems like it’s on purpose (so we’re forced to buy from Mari)

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Ok lets start with the most wrong thing first:

Maris shop is 100% viable to empty out f2p. Its not a p2w system, in fact its cheaper than buying on the auction house for most of its materials.

Secondly, we dont NEED anything. We just got like 30k+ gold worth of T3 mats as just a chest for everyone today completely free on top of an absolutely massive skin, mount, pet, card gift. They also buffed all events and the pvp vendor is out. There is an absolutely insane amount of resources available compared to what content there is at 1370+, which is essentially nothing. Idk how you are playing the game that is making you feel this way but ive been seeing so many people talking like this who are flushing so many resources down the drain following advice from people who are playing on KR that are telling them to do completely worthless stuff like buying accessories for 20k gold on the AH and trading themselves items in their mail. Or people selling unbound mats and still expecting to push item level. The devs have given us a massive patch this week to help with the problem and if you still have an issue with it either you have misguided expectations for how the game is played or are flushing your resources down the drain on worthless things and complaining that you dont have enough. If you wanted to be 1370, you could have been at this point but you didnt so you arent. After these events are done i will only feel stronger about that statement.

If you have 4 characters at T3 and are stuck at 1365 then you have to either be the most unlucky MF alive or be doing something wrong in terms of honing, Mari shop or playing the economy. I’m ~1355 with only 4 alts and only 1 just reaching T3. I’ve had decent honing luck but also have reached pity on a couple of pieces.

A friend of mine who’s been no-lifeing quite a bit more than me is getting close to 1365 with just one alt at T3 and another one about to hit T3 as well.

Thanks to the new events I’m quite hopeful of hitting 1370 this reset.

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And im 1350 off of only the bound mats and selling every single unbound thing i get :smiley:

getting to 1355 was nothing, that was easy, I used all bound mats to that point. The wall was 1360 and onward, even with mat price drop buying stone at like 30g(weapon) 20g(armor) I still achieved 230 fails so far. I’m farming daily and using my mats, I sold a lot before and was able to buy back mats at like 15% of the price I sold for and I still can’t reach 1370, its not about me not doing things right, I’m doing everything I can in game, buying out Mari shop everyday when the prices was high on AH. You telling me you have 4 char you can get to the same progression as me that is just luck not amount of time you put into the game. This event should of been put in the game 2 weeks ago when the racing was put in. This guy above said If i wanted to be 1370 I could of, okay well tell that to all the fail and 6 pieces of my gear hitting 100% artisan energy between +12-+15, not to mention all the pieces that had 40-60% energy too.