I love the game but

The way this game is being handled is just so incredibly sad.
I waited for 4 years to be able to play it in the west. I tried out all the classes in the RU version and I knew I wanted to play Arcana and Lancemaster.

Here we are, 1 month in and I have no Idea if I even will see Arcana and Lancemaster this year.
The lack of communication and decision making just screams incompetence and Im getting severe Blizzard & WoW flashbacks.

I have 500 hours on clock already and I want to keep playing but I dont want to do it on these placeholder classes which I do not enjoy.

I dont understand why I have to be frustrated with the game which I really really LIKE in KR and RU?

I get that you need time to implement content into our version but how is it possible that you can not provide ESTIMATED/APPROXIMATE timeframe of these things happening?
Its not like you have to invent new content from ground up, you literally have all the content already released.

Why do you make it seem like locking in the Roadmap is equivalent to solving the mysteries of the universe? I really really dont understand why are you so afraid to provide any kind of information… Some information is better than no information.
Im just getting more and more frustrated with each passing day and I kinda feel like I should consider playing in KR permanently, which would be absurd…

I dont even have anything to spend my money on.
That is not how you run a live-service game especially when you have all the fun content already released in other regions.

You are failing on basic principles of customer care.

Please be better.


FYI, I’m NOT saying that they are doing it right.

But from what I understand they are taking a wait and see approach. See when players reach the plateau and see what the player base needs, then implement the new changes.

This approach is stupid and creates frustration, they should come out with a roadmap even if they don’t set dates and then they are able to move forward with updates if they are needed prior because of feedback/information, if they implement a road map they would even get community feedback, and not release patch info 1 week before it arrives which has crashed the market every time.


it’s very very hard to release already made, years old content


The content lock for tier content made sense but they should’ve released every single class from the start. Makes 0 sense. Even in pvp it’s the same classes. When they release new classes everyones gonna have to relearn a bunch of shit and play styles.


Yes, exactly. I dont care if they release a roadmap and then change it based on feedback. Its Okay to do so and its perfectly reasonable. My issue is the inability to provide any information whatsoever. They keep saying some nonsense about “moving puzzle pieces”, like wtf, what puzzle?? There is no puzzle to piece together. Literally release the classes and skins and other content at reasonable intervals. Thats it.

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I feel that most western game companies especially bigger companies are afraid to define when content is going to be released until it is done(pre tested). Since if they don’t do it in time people lose trust in them and affects stocks.

While I understand how they can think like that it is so stupid I don’t know where to begin, since they lose the trust from the player base before it even begins.

Imagine being in a relationship where your partner don’t even communicate with you until seconds before it happens, how can you ever build any trust and develop healthy relations.

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Same. Its just so sad to see my favorite mmo right now being managed so bad. They keep doing empty promises like my ex and they don’t even care as long they keep making bucks… They’re giving a lot of honing mats but honestly I just want the classes, the sexy skins and the fun part of KR that we don’t have.


If anybody is wondering what exactly do I mean by my post. Here are the detailed posts that outline the features that they are deliberately keeping from us:


Its their company, they can offer the experience of the game however they want. All we can do is decide if its worth our time and/or money.

Problem is they’ve waited too long and seen too much for this level of silence and incompetence.

Road map has been a couple weeks away for over a month and their only solution to honing hell is a comparatively small injection of materials that was touted as being massive when it was barely even enough to get a single success on one piece for anyone in the 1340-1370 dead zone. Plus with how much of an issue silver is, we don’t have any sort of event silver exchange which is an absolute standard in the game’s other versions. Now PvP is intentionally starting on the wrong foot to ‘wait and see’ some more.

I’m sick of this BS, they have waited and they have seen. Clean the act up.

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Yep, thats the crazy part lol. Its not like the game was suddenly dropped on them to manage.
There is literally successful guidebook written and completed which to follow but for some reason they are trying to do create some Frankenstein of their own… If you read the posts where people bring out what they actually changed for West release then it becomes pretty clear that its Incompetence of the highest order mixed with short-term greed. Which is a recipe for a disaster.

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If you wish to have this mentality then its okay. Everybody is not the same.
If you like the game as it is now then you probably wont mind if the rest of us push for better quality of life and the things that we feel we deserve as consumers.

But your statement has some truth in it btw. :slight_smile:
The least I can do is voice my opinions and hope that somebody listens. If not then I have the option to continue playing or leave.

Same approach as they took with New World. Didn’t take them far, did it.


Sadly they are not alone in this approach. Even if their 2-3 month roadmap isn’t completed they should be able to say we estimate our roadmap to be released in 1-2 weeks. Then update it monthly, for with next month stuff.

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It’s one day from April and we still don’t have a roadmap

Stop being so negative