I love this game because

I am addicted. I love the raids. I love the combat.

Trying to add come positive energy to this place…

What do you like most about lost ark?


I really like the additional content like islands, mokokos, giant hearts, etc.

This game has so many things to enjoy!


Raids, Combat, Aesthetics <3 everything :smiley: its just a lot of fun~


Always got looked down on by guildies in other games for being an altaholic.

In this game i can go alt crazy, living life to the full, all under the assumption i’m doing it to push a “main” when i’m just having fun playing different classes.

Cusimization / skins is huge for me too, artist release day i balked at having to do SV again and KT’d it, after getting my artist to 1490 i regretted that i had to pick between my two favourite presets i’d collected.

So now i’ve made a second artist to use the other preset and working my way through the story express, SV and all…


Right now she’s the thing I like the most


She is so cute :heart_eyes:

Usually in other threads ill say the combat, the friends i play with, etc…

But no.

Now the one thing i love about this game is my artist. I already liked her gameplay from when i briefly tried her in RU at low ilvl… but at endgame she feels so much more fun. I fully main swapped and my sorc/artillerist will have to survive on Bound scraps from now on.

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I am tempted to story express another too. Just dreading the accessory/honing cost. I wish we could still transfer hyper express 3x4 to another char

having small goals and slowly working towards them. combat is simply goated arpg/mmo wise.


Really good horizontal content, really good raids. Thats it thats all they’ve got

I’m sorry you just described exactly what most people want from an MMO…The only thing that people play mmo for other than content and raids is vanity (glamor/transmog) which sadly is a mostly paid affair here even if you can buy skins with gold.

That is the great thing about this game. EVERYTHING can be bought with gold (Skin wise)

Me like orange card pack. Me like triangle shaped orange gem. Me like 9 digit yellow number. Me like mail received sound. Me like dingding sound from pet.

Combat, graphics, raids, variety of horizontal stuff AND huge amount of little things, like poses, emotes, life skills, sailing etc. Also, almost EVERYTHING can be bought with gold. You can play free and pay ONLY with your time. I dont think there will be another better game in next years.

Sure, it goes with flaws like bots, rmts, laggy client, dogshit developer but if you really like mmos and have time to play it - this game is awesome :slight_smile:


Thx ^^

Costumizing her was a lot of fun

Combats fun and I do enjoy a grind.

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I really like the game because the 80% of the playerbase has creative names such as:

I like the story, like i REALLY like the story.
I like the horizontal content and doing Islands.
I lke PVP and everything to do with factions and i like GVG.

Lately, I feel like AGS started to listen to us and they showed it this patch.

I’ve seen stuff they added which directly correspond to specific topics posted here in which I was active so I remember it.

And I wanted to show my appreciation here.

Even though, of course, I don’t personally like some of those stuff :smile:

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I really liked this game when I uninstalled.

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