I m a bot blocker.XD



oh wow you interrupted the bots routine …
AGS might ban you for that


how does one do this and where ?


Don’t increase your steam hours played by blocking bots. Are you crazy? Round 'ere you’ll be labeled an inefficient scrub. Watch your back…

i dont care.XD


The Hero we needed. Doing more to stop bots than AGS/Smilegate this week.

maybe there are fourty bots stop run and stay here.XD

just a part of them

:rofl: a more efficient way to stopping bots than ags banning vpns

Am i going to get banned if Im doing this with a anti-afk script :rofl:

BOT Blooooooooooooooooooooooooocker.

I mean… are bots getting blocked ? haha

This is the public service we all need. The devs should just have an intern do this lol.

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I don’t understand… what did you actually do?

Wizard becomes popular in bots.Because he is powerful and can wipe out an enemy army at once

You just have to stand there and afk, bots will be blocked, because there is only one pathway. You will see when you go Altas

This is working

POG Champ…

This is a PVP island. Is you stand at that position, then bots could not get through to turn in the quests. Bots are doing gold quest on the island