I made 3x1415 alts in past 3 weeks cuz CM said the buff is not coming for sure

now you say its coming next week?


I’m on the exact same boat, but I’m okay with it to be honest.


dang stay strapped or get clapped we knew it was gonna come eventually.


Players left tons of feedback on this topic, and we were able to push for a change that players were explicitly asking for. I do apologize to folks that spent time on alts or using gold to level in other ways.


yeah i knew its gona come. But they literally said it wont come with vylkas for sure. im really sad


Playing a game like playing the market and this is what you get. Trying to overthink and be super efficient as much as you can, in the end you will still get fucked by fate.
Maybe just do whatever you enjoy in the game and upgrade your characters because you want to, instead of making decision based on monetary value.


its ok, u did a great job already. im just kinda sad.

In the same boat but instead of x3 I made x4 (was working on x5 when it was announced). Kinda sucks for us when they say “it won’t be coming with june update” and then turn around and surprise it on us. It probably would have been better if they just said “we don’t know”


Don’t worry Roxx. We know this could happen and the buff would come eventually.

It’s still good news that you managed to listen us and pushed Smilegate to include it.

(I even myself lost a few mats by honing a few pieces, don’t care it’s still good)

Nice work done there, thank you very much!


trying to overthink and taking advantage of everything is the way i enjoy the game.

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Well then you gambled and you lost.


I mean its kinda lying to the comunity cause plp take u word as law. So know if u say something and change few weeks after, we have no one to trust in terms of communication

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To the OP.

If you actually used the +17 trick to save materials, you can still benefit from the buff, since it will apply for items until +15.

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If you decide to hone your alts even though you know a honing buff will come eventually, there is no need to blame Roxx for it.


Where re our skins?

great videos on youtube man, the info is always super helpful

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if they said they dont know, then its a gamble. But if they take back what they said, then idk. i dont blame CM for telling us that anyway.

Did they really? They said it won’t come with Vykas in mid June. They didn’t said it wouldn’t come out until July or August.
Even if they gave us Vykas mid June they can still do the honing update in the 30th. Nothing would’ve changed you know.

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thats true. not tooooo bad.

Apologize not accepted. I spent 240k on honing alts because YOU ENSURED US these changes were not coming and someone has to be responsible for this.