I made 3x1415 alts in past 3 weeks cuz CM said the buff is not coming for sure

no one is on ur side. enough said. it is what it is. i accept their decision, but not ur explanation for them.

k ignoring ur posts in the future amazon every patch say that and do this just a jk

I believe the person responsible is you.

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but then again they didnt announce it at all, it just comes out like. BTW stronghold research coming next week REEE.
It was literally the same with argos.

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What about all the feedback about faster class releases?


Oh nooo. Oh well enjoy your Alts, you’ll mAke that money in 2 weeks…stop complaining about your OWN decisions.

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don’t make new t1 and t2 alts cause we will eventually get 100% honing buff :smiley:

My OWN decisions are made based on what the AUTHORITY said.

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The CMs aren’t an authority though. They don’t make the decisions or do the coding.

I personally held out thinking the delay meant they were trying to stuff it in, or that we would get it in the July update.

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This is also really sad for me. I wanted clarification from AGS earlier this month on this issue, and when they said they wouldn’t implement the stronghold buff I decided to push my alts. And now suddenly you turn it around. In the future, please say that you haven’t decided yet instead of doing bait and switch - this is not good.

poor ags, damned if you do damned if you dont :frowning:


Hahaha u fool

The patient ones get rewarded!


Not weeks, she said no yesterday lmao

if CM are not authority, who is. Even the update details are posted by CM. They speak for the company dont they? If CM are not authority, why not amazon pick a random player and let him publish whatever he wants using CM’s account.

I m totally fine even they publish the buff next month. The back n forth makes CM’s word untrust worthy

You did a good job OP. You’re a good boy (Or girl, I don’t know).

You did your best following the best information you had at the moment.

While, yes, I understand it’s sad that the information was misleading, you got your alts. Be proud and wipe the floor with Valtan’s face.

Let’s just hope AGS will improve their communication next time™.

And? No one forced you. In fact everyone else I know of decided another few months of Yoho prison is still better than pissing away gold and mats. Tough luck!

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“Because you guys made an informed decision based on what they promised, it’s your fault!!!”
Fixed your comment for you

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Are you seriously crying, holy crap be happy man, we get the buff!!!