I made 3x1415 alts in past 3 weeks cuz CM said the buff is not coming for sure

“you guys are literally giving us what we wanted” “but we still not happy cuz we are getting what we wanted” xLogicfromsomeforumusersx

I thought you quit? come back bro!

Oh, I see the problem. You don’t understand how jobs work. What happens is, people show up to work and do what their boss tells them. Sometimes their boss or their boss’s boss or someone else up the chain changes their mind and all the people below them have to adjust.

You’re basically yelling at the cashier because you don’t like the price of apples.

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maybe you should know more ppl

Stay mad. Patience is a virtue.

did I blame CM? no i didnt.

roxx did a great job asking for information and i m thankful for that info.

Your example is missing a key element. That the price of apple on the shelf is different from the price at the cashier. I pick up that apple based on the price i SAW on the shelf, But when i pay they offer me a different price.

You think this is called gambling on the market?

How’d you get 240k bro?


You can’t make everyone happy but you can make the MAJORITY of the people happy.
Great call on this one!!

My example was not intended to reflect your situation, it was intended to explain company management structure. Your example bears little resemblance to the situation at hand. A better example would be that someone told you the price of something, you decided to buy it at that price, and then the next day the price went down. Sucks for you but you bought what you wanted at a price you were okay with at the time. If they want to refund the difference to you, that’s great customer service on their part. But, they really have no obligation to.

I know you’re going to want to insert something extra here. Maybe in your version you asked the cashier, “Is this going to go on sale soon?” and they replied, “I don’t believe it will.” They gave you the best information they had at the time of your purchase but they do not have a crystal ball.

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you are completely wrong. No more example, lets just talk about this topic.
CM said there will not be buff this month with vylkas. how do you explain that.

At the time they said it, there wasn’t. They gave you the best information they had available to them at the time. Bassed on that information you decided to hone alts. The patch got delayed from mid June to end of June and one result of that was that they were able to include the buff as a benefit for players. You can’t expect the CMs to see the future and even then, you will have had 2 weeks to benefit from the honed alts before the buff comes in.

Fate and Amazon is on my side rofl.

It was much harder to remove honing buff from the code that had it mingled in as other versions of game had it in coming patch.

Delayed 2 weeks.
gave up.

“Lets pretend we were not working towards removing it from our version”
“We super pushed for including this!”

Argos came out one day after the announcement.
This honing update is coming out 6 days after the announcement.
Furthermore this was caused by people LITERALLY CRYING WHINING BEGGING them to release.
If you want to get mad, go get mad at the playerbase. Go get mad at the users of this forum.

Oh i accept it.

Even tho i wasn’t mad in the first place. I don’t need babysitters.

We don’t want loot box legendary avatars. If you so want legendary avatars, why don’t you play KR or RU version?

Dont you dare using WE, i DESPISE lootboxes and everyone that defends that predatory piece of crap so huray and go cry some more.

This is on you nanbowman. Everyone knew it would come eventually. Honing early was a big gamble. Sometimes you lose.

I did not expect anything from CM.
I did not blame CM.
I didnt ask for anything.
That is correct, CM did best to get the info for us, and im thankful to that.
But the misinformation has already spread. Even yesterday, CM representing amazon posted there wont be buff this patch.
I am talking to amazon or smg or anyone who runs the game, CM is the only person i can reach.

A company should not run business like this. yes there are benefits but there are also unnecessary spending. I wont say anything if they add the buff on the first week of july.

AGS said SG decided to not put SH research in, and players told AGS it should be in.

AGS as publisher is there to listen to player feedback and try to convince SG.

So SG said it would not be in, but AGS/players convinced them to change there mind. That seems like how communication works.