I made 3x1415 alts in past 3 weeks cuz CM said the buff is not coming for sure

alright, lets hope fate is always on ur side.

No. If CM said they dont know, then that is a gamble. They said there wont be buff, this is misleading, or irresponsible. Not talking about CM personally, its all about the game or the company runs it.

This is such a lack of reading comprehension. People pushed because Amazon clearly stated we would not get honing changes with Vykas. Now we get them, resulting in people wasted mats on an informed decision they lied about.


if you really played this way the obvious answer is to work irl and g2g cause you won’t get banned for it

jokes on u


Can you track who upgraded to +15 from the date AGS announced no SH Research till now and reimburse some of the materials lost?

Plus one cofee ?

patch arriving in July still may happen you know.

People in my group were at the same crossroads. When they’ve said no honing buff we all also pushed first alts to 1415.

But we also knew the buff will be coming eventually. And we wanted to use it for the rest of alts. Plus there really was a big question mark about this patch and not negligible chance, no matter what Roxx said, come on.

It’s also supposed to come 2 weeks after expected patch arrival. So for that purposes it’s effectivelly as it was a new post-patch arrival.

And we are talking about minor saving anyway. What is it? 15% overall? You will still use 2/3 of the buff when you upgrade to 1445.

It’s not that bad as it may look like.

It is not as easy as black and white when it comes to these things. Game companies are allowed to change a decision as well.

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And she got the great news today after a lot pressure from us player so we are getting.


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You didn’t waste your time or in-game-money. You were able to use your 1415 alts to farm more materials and get chances on relic gear for big gold sells.

Same i pushed 2 alts to 1415 because of the news but you know what. It’s okay cause now i can push even more alts to 1415 + my 1415 toons will get to 1430 easier so i can do vykas as well as valtan.

well, I also thought that the honing buff is not coming anytime soon. Imo this was totally fine since you can still push a lot of alts to 1415 or more. I am really not sure why the honing buff is needed so soon to be honest, and it was explicitly said that the honing buff is not planned right now.

And it is a big change in the cost of honing. So if it is coming I lost kinda a lot of ressources compared to others, since I upgraded 3 alts to 1415. I am not sure if you wanna solve this issue, return some ressources back that were essentially wasted.

the whiny community is trash I agree. But I can not do anything against that. They are free whatever they want to do. The honing buff at this state was totally not needed still so many people complain so that they can get everything for free. This is a socialist dystopian nightmare.

yes this is the positive side, still it probably outweights the ressources you wasted now essentially by not using the honing buff. So it is not really worth it in the end.

Seems WE have to Done all right

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I used a lot of materials on my fav alt today but I’m just glad the honing buff is coming next week.

and yet - what is the point of pushing 3 alts to 1415 that early? You were just impatient and like in every mmo impatient people pay more. I personally would not announce a buff like this at all hence this is a business that needs to make money in some way to survive.
Personally there is no real downside to just have kept the alts on 1340 and sell of the mats while prices were skyrocketing during the last weeks. now prices of the mats dropped crazy -even without the announcment how to calculate that loss? Because that was just you timing the market wrong.

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the point is to farm more stuff and get more ressources that way? Why would you upgrade anything, you could just stay at ilvl zero :smiley:
The only wrong thing I did there, was trusting these statements that the honing buff is not coming soon. Dumb me.