I made a game to learn/practice Arcanist combos!

I wanted to pick up Arcanist but after looking at various guides, I realized I’d have to do some homework to supplement the gameplay if I wanted to perform well.


I studied the various Arcanist guides available and compiled the combos and built this web app. It simulates how Arcanist skills work ingame include doom card stacking and special effects applied by Tarot cards.

The app uses keyboard inputs to enter skills (or tap on mobile). Based on the Tarot cards you receive, you will need to enter the correct skills in the right order.

You can access the glossary by clicking on the book icon at the top to study up before jumping right in. I hope this helps you on your journey to master the cards!


Playing through this was pretty fun and seems pretty useful. One issue that I ran into was when the Balance card option came up in certain situations - the correct combo at the end didn’t include using it, but assumed that you had the buff anyway. Since I only have my Arcanist as an alt, I’m curious as to what vets think, but regardless this was a fun way to get used to some of the combos that came up. Thanks for this!

Edit: mistakenly referred to Three-Headed Snake when I meant the Balance card.

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This is super super cool! Thank you so much for sharing it.