I made a guide for Shangra dailies and how to obtain the Levitate Emote

So I made my first video guide on how to obtain the Levitate Emote through Shangra dailies, some of these are secret dailies. There is barely any info on this so I thought I might as well make a guide for it, hope you like it, any criticism is acceptable.

I also made a video showcasing the emote, must have for Soulfist mains.


Where do you get the quest for the emote? Pioneer of Shangra.

I have completed everything required, Enlightened I and II, 20+ waterfall, 20+ deer, special panda quest, etc., but no Pioneer of Shangra quest shows up for me. Is it hidden in a cave? or a sparkly object? Can you tell me the location where you picked up the quest, please?

I’ve been to the far west, nothing in the house. Been to the Eunsun cave with Essence #3 (western part of the map), but nothing there either.


Make sure you do this only on the same character, these dailies are not roster/family based. Also do little Hason daily quest for 10 days too if you didn’t do that. After that you will have a ! on the map where you will find Eunsun on top of the mountain where the little house or hut is to the West, he will have a quest for the emote

What is the “Little Hason Daily Quest”? Which quest is that?

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Sorry but a guide without a voice over is a no go for me.

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On the very right, the boy that wants you to shake trees

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