I mean... what did you expect?

We have a publisher who machine-translates the dialogues and the in-game story… and doesn’t bother to make sure that the words are at least separated with whitespaces where necessary…

They spend time on changing parts of the game to “diversify” the in-game population so everyone feels included (which is fine)… but doesn’t take measure to limit bot activity in order for actual human players to enjoy the game…

PR person for AGS seems to know less about game than those complaining 24/7 on forums and discussion boards…

I still love the game a lot, so I’m just patiently waiting for the day when SMG calls it quits and drops AGS (if it ever happens, that is).

Cheers mates.


Never said it would solve everything, but you keep on treading those rough waters my friend :handshake:

You seemed to have dropped something back there. You might want to go look for it.

Don’t worry when I find it…it’ll be your DESTRUCTION.

I am more worried if you don’t find it.

yeah you better be worried.

This reminded me of the “The class was Mage, but the subclass was Assassin” clip. :joy:


Guys i did it I was perma suspended cause the OP was REEE AMBER TURDED.


I repeat it again: the only flaws in our region is the lack of classes and bots. The rest is unimportant. The lack of communication has been decreasing a lot, and little by little the game is improving (in terms of these defects). There will come a time when the players will have nothing to complain about, and what will the forum be full of? Here’s the question. There are people who confuse personal taste with flaws, and are looking for something they don’t like in the game to say it’s bad. Just take an example, people complaining about chaos dungeon, a daily grind that takes less than 5 minutes to do, saying it’s a “heavy” grind. It’s absurd to say the least. The truth is that MMORPG is not for everyone, it has always been a genre that most people don’t like, people just force themselves to play it.

Nothing is perfect, cry babies will always cry……but yes, AGS is very inexperienced in game developments and managements.

Just scan through all the subject line in this forum, one can see why humanity needs help!

Nothing quite as spectacularly and visually stimulating as the problems turned out. You get the toxicity of the RMT bros, Weebs, MMO and aRPG fans in a room with one of the greediest developers and powerful corporations and yeah, I should have probably expected it.

This is sort of peak gaming disaster conditions, a microchasm which represents the worst of customer relations and consumer behaviors and responses. I’m here because Lost Ark may not be a failure or success, but at the very least a spectacle. It’s nothing short of theater to watch. Lost Ark is fun, but AGS + Lost Ark is an absolute incendiary shit show and I am so here for it.

MMO gamers torches still lit from New World quash with Weebs and Diablo dudes and the richest company in the world. Very 2022. I haven’t played this game in about a month but I’ll probably follow the community until it becomes threadbare, maybe write something about it.

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and look, it works both ways :slight_smile:

They wanted to go mainstream. They got the mainstream.

They didn’t though, the average gamer bro has no idea what Lost Ark is.

I’d so much love that

oh no why did you post this… now they will either remove your post or the whole topic
just gonna leave this here (op got banned for 2 weeks)

oh my god. lol :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Ya that PR dude cyfy is a joke. You guys should really think about moving him to another team or have him be better prepared for these kinds of situations. Even better, commission actual knowledgable players to do them for you.

Wish me luck… lol

Are you implying that the character who did the thing, is not really an assassin that is a mage?

To be fair to AGS. They do the bare minimum and don’t care about the game or the players and they still bring in the big bucks by exploiting stupid people with money. Plus SMG doesn’t give a shit about us either, so long as they are making money. It’s a lose situation for us no matter what so I just say fuck it.

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