I meet girl in lost ark

lets strike a deal - you help me out with my 25+ weapon and we will see what we can do about your problem :smiley:

A wholesome story. It feels nice to see wonderful things happen. Here’s to more joy for your continued journey.

Make sure she’s not a bot

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Proof or fake

Until she asks you to send your gold to her character name “QuuuffQQYw” so she can buy Mayhem books.

An advice, internet relationships ( remote ships ) are not lasting longer. Yes there are a few exceptions but it won’t settle the overall score. Scammers all around the world as well. Be careful about the other players adviced you about “gold” thing.


When Brelshaza Rapport coming? I wanna max her

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she maybe knows a girl for me?

No do it, Roxx. And tell them to add it for Nineveh while they are at it.

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That’s so adorable! Would be a cute “how we met” story :purple_heart:


That’s cute. I hope we all get invited to the wedding tho


Don’t date most of the men here…
Or do…
You do you girl…

And what is wrong with Thirain?
Or are you more into Kharmine?
I dated a few Kharmine’s myself.


meanwhile… He quit the game and she fall in love with Balthor x)

You’re in bro, stalk her on socials never say anything to her and then say “but i thought we were together”.

Meet a girl in a game full of robots, you have been selected to help in the development of the Meta technology of our most precious bot Mr. Zuckerberg.

you sure she is a girl?

Brutal KEKW

I see you’re still playing. Are you still with her?