I messed up at the auction I donated my items by accident

I went to sell at the auction and I didn’t understand how it works in the game, it doesn’t teach how to use it, to make it worse, the game doesn’t have in my language I sold it for the wrong price I imagined receiving another amount, I donated my items. I expected to receive 3,900 golds and I received 396 from the sale of 492 Crystilezed Destruction Stone, is it possible for someone to help me I want my items back and I return the gold.


I did it that way, but it was the red crystal, I put all I had for the bundle price of 3, which is its market value because I only received 396 gold?

Hello @Frostbite,

I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!

I’m sorry about the issue you’re having with the wrongly listed item, I know this can be frustrating however sadly we don’t have the possibility to restore or annulate a transaction made by mistake.

We can recommend you to double check before placing an auction.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


how do you use this AUCTION? what did i do wrong in the picture.

I basically gave away my items, this shouldn’t even be allowed.

Are u sure it all sold? It sounds like u got partial gold because only some of it sold.

Your items are probably still at the auction house… In your picture you placed 492 packs for 3g each… If there are already lets say 10000 packs for 3g each, yours will be sold after those 10000

try opening the auction house and click My Transactions and see if you have any stuff over there.

The stones sell in “bundles” of 10. So stacks of 10 crystals each.

The average price of one “bundle” of 10 is 2.9 gold.

Your entered price per bundle is 3 gold. So every 10 you sell, you get 3g.

You’re listing 492 bundles of 10, so that means you’re listing 4,920 crystals in that screenshot.

You’re leaving them up for only 1 day max.

IF all 492 of your bundles were to sell, it would give a total revenue of 1,476 gold.

You have a minimum 1g deposit for each bundle just to list items, so that’s 492 gold you’re putting down to use the auction house.

The transaction fee is taken away from the sale, minimum 1g per bundle.

So you were never going to get more than 1,000g here because of the transaction fee. But you are listing them for the going average daily rate at least, so not losing any money vs. other folks selling.

there isn’t any mistake, not all of them got sold, just wait

lmao this guys gotta be trolling

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Thank you guys, I was worried because it’s the first time I was selling items in the market and I thought I had done something silly, I’ll wait and see if I’ll get paid for the rest of the sales.
I figured that putting everything up for sale would sell it all at once not piecemeal.

the game is not in my language and I don’t know how to use the market, what’s trolling about that?

people usually buy little by little or in bulk, depending on their needs for example when i list lets say 50 leapstones sometimes they sell all at once or in increments of 5/15/10/7 etc

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is empty, I think I sold it all for a much lower price.

Well your english is far faaaaaaar better than my russian and I figured it out there /shrug

how about show us the mail you got from selling? if you did not delete it xd

I’m going to lock this conversation as its beginning to get accusatory and this point it’s been clearly communicated that we cannot help the situation.