I might have to quit... for now

When Amazon Games finally does come up with a solution for the bots, please make it a big announcement. I’ll keep an eye out on the news and rejoin the game when that time comes. I can’t spend hours every day waiting to get into a game.


I mean, I doubt I’m alone in saying if I quit, it’s for good. They have done nothing to earn any good will and have shown staggering incompetence. The bots will die down with the player base hemorrhaging, but I have 0 faith that if both numbers pick back up that AGS/SMG will do a single thing to address it effectively.


I was thinking the same, it is time to get a LOONG break…

It’s sad because I love this game and I would really hope nobody quits over this but I honestly cannot blame you. It’s insane to me that people can go to work for their 8+ hours then come home and have to wait 1-2 hours just to play the game. For some people, that’s literally the only 1-2 hours they have of free time before other responsibilities call. I find it incredibly deplorable that CM’s are ignoring this and their terrible attempts at measures to combat the bots.


Good choice folks.

No point sitting in queues wishing to play.

Do something better with your time.

Replay Mass Effect, like im doing, lol.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve got 600 hours in the game and absolutely love it. But… after getting home from work and doing the stuff adults have to do, the majority of time I have spare for gaming is consumed sitting in a queue. There comes a time when you just have to say “Stuff it… I’m going to play something else”, and that’s where things have come to.


Yep and they dont seem to care.

This is not sneaky or subterfuge. Its right slapping in your face. I am waiting 1hr on the queue then I have to go to bed for work. I have spent probably about $300 on the game but I am having trouble justifying more.

Meh. I dont think any of my guildies even logged in today. And Twitch only has 18k viewers for Lost Ark. Game is definitely losing a lot of steam


Good, it deserves to.


original or legendary?

I think thats truely the worst part. This game at its core has so many great features, dungeon design is probably the most phenomenal I’ve seen and the 1-50 experience was brilliant. Combat and boss design is up there, the island system is fun most of the time and most islands feel unique environmentally ect. All gone to waste over the monumental mishandling.

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That about sums up my feelings as well.



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Im surprised they’re not teleporting through walls in that video. Yeah I mean a solution could be:
Make “Report suspected bot” a clickable right click option that doesn’t open a required text window. If account is brand new (maybe playing a berserker and some other flags) and is reported by x amount of players, prevent movement or something until it can be verified it isn’t a bot, could possibly also check for packet response time or something. Honestly it’s just such a blatant and obvious thing, they don’t even try to use names that aren’t gibberish.

Down further in the castle they were cutting the corner blatantly.

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been meaning to replay me:le as well with the kai leng rework mod, wana see how the changes to him feels =x

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Exactly this… I come home I see a queue. Barely moving… I just quit and decide to play other games


Lots of smart people in here, its refreshing.

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Make it so every time a player is reported for botting they need to do a captcha XD, with cooldown ofc and not inside instances, trolling would be heavy although kind a funny

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Just come back at a later time, there will be so much more content in the future to and we dont even have the good stuff yet…