I missed my weekly abyss raid entry and it wasn't my fault

Hello, I was playing argos first phase with my character Shirowings from the prideholme server, when suddenly the power went out here at home, and I ended up losing the weekly entry of the abyss raid level 1. please it took me a long time to get to ilvl1370 and lose a week will be difficult. I would like that only if you can give me one more weekly entry of argos 1 phase. Please, I can prove that the electricity is out in my city.
character: Shirowings , south america, server prideholme.

Thats not gonna happen unfortunately , they dont refund runs from what i heard , better luck next week dude

Hey @gabriel84008 hope you’re doing great!

I’m really sorry you had a power outage during the Abyss raid and lost your weekly entry. Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to re-grant the ability to participate in weekly/daily content.

I do apologize for the inconvenience. Hope everyone has a very good day!

This is funny imo. Shit happens my man. If your on a dodgy power grid, go get a UPS with a 2 hour back up. It’s not the games fault.

Yıu need to wait next week and you will have fallen back a week

it turns out that the electricity went out in the whole city, many people are complaining about burnt appliances because of the short that they had in the electric company

Well, then you got it easy

Hey everyone hope you’re all doing great!

As of now a new system has been implemented so hopefully this issue will no longer be affecting all of our players the same way as before.

Check the following information:

Hope it’s helpful and see you on Arkesia!

bro, its the same copy/paste answer. I’ve been monitoring your post, Legumi.