I missed Terpeion by accident


I logged in back today in my main server (Wei, from EUC) and I didn’t had anything to claim. Then, I created a character in EUW in order to test a new server and I claimed the mount by accident… just to figure out that I can’t claim it in my main server now. Is there a chance I can get the rewards in EUC and lose them in EUW? I have the mount in my EUW character inventory. Thanks for your understanding

Same happened to me and unfortunately amazon “is not able” to reverse this.

To put it bluntly, you’re screwed.

When it comes to things like this their CS is abysmal. Yes, people will come in and argue that it’s your fault etc, but mistakes happen and stuff like this should be easily rectified by a CS team. Yet apparently in LA it’s some how “impossible”.

Why it isn’t per-region, who knows… the regions are totally separate and you’d think they’d want to give some incentives for people to switch.

But that’s the launch in a nutshell: things are rushed without thinking and solutions end up being too little, too late.

imho its this way as you could just for fun sell everything on other regions and that would impact economy,
here is a bit exceptional situation so they should give some motivation to ppl to switch but who know what they are thinking and whats their limitations and motivations :slight_smile:

i did the same thing.
Logged in to the new europe west just to see the special login rewards, of course grabbed the chest in a rush and now have a mount on a character i am not using…
And it pisses me of massively. Accountbound chests with datacenter-bound rewards? WTF?
Either have it actually be account bound or make the chest datacenter bound as well. cant be that hard. ffs