I need help about powerpass


i started game this week and i get my powerpass ticket on Neria server but i didnt use it. i didnt know my friends was in different server so i changed my server to Sceptrum. Can i get powerpass ticket on Sceptrum ?


You don’t get that same pass to other server as it is bound to the server you got it and in the same region there is a limit of 2 PP

So if you have not yet received your 2nd pass on the first server, you should be able to get 2nd one in new server after you manually level a character to 50 again, but that will be the last pass you get in that region

Even if you wasted a powerpass don’t worry because you can use free pass system that costs 600g at your stronghold and you can easily make up for that 600g by buying and selling mats on bloodstone shop and doing a couple of days worth of chaos dungeon and selling mats.