I need help, my electric went out whilst doing a bus

As the title says, I was doing an Argos bus and whilst on the last gate my electric went out (I’m still waiting for it to be fixed) how do I refund players on different servers when my power is back on. I feel really bad :disappointed:

Not sure if it resets on logging, but there should be a tab in friends that shows the last people you grouped with. So you would need to find a way to contact them, either through alts or global chat channel, and have them list a bus refund item.

A list for what?

as BrooksP sayd try to open a lobby there should be last played and reinv the guys that payed u.
but ur char is probably on a blacklist for busdrivers

i assume you were doing 2 man bus ? if yes then just ask the guy who was busing with you for the names so you can refund them and maybe go on the bus discord and try to find what is the discord for these players. that if you want to go the extra mile for refunding them

Yes it was a 2 man bus, I posted “LF 2nd Drive” in the in-game lobby to find the other person

then if you remember the name search in the bus discord with @(one of the players name) you might find one of them have the same name as discord and get in contact with them.
otherwise you will need to wait until you are logged in you can as well msg one of the discord mods for help

Do you have a link for the discord please?

what server you on ? in game ofc