I need tips for argon island to prevent perma ban

Hi, I just got my mokoko skillet and ready to get the argon island token but I saw people getting perma banned from bashing barricade for mokoko seeds.(maybe flagged as bots). How can i prevent this since auto attacking for long minutes is also applied to argon island sculpting? Thanks

The client stops you after a bit with some warning and you need to move to get it going again, but I’ve not heard of bans. I did it a few weeks ago and no bans here.

well, I don’t know what triggers it. But release the button once a while? :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to just move the mouse every now and then.
If you click and hold, the game gives you a warning.

if you do it properly, you can get it in 10 minutes.

tip: find something to wedge on your C key

And no one’s running around smashing them.

Lol yes. Thats why if someone comes near i just stop and type something like “I’m recording, get away or i’m reporting you”.

it works

thanks for the tips guys i appreciate it.