I never asked for compensation but this time I think something has to happen due to server issues


I understand you have been providing compensations throughout the past due to server disconnect. It is great that you are doing that.

I am going to ask this time because, the server has been in unplayable shape since yesterday morning. I won’t talk about what may have caused it anymore bots, instability whatever it may be. What we kindly ask is you can provide some more communication and acknowledgment , and that that disruption of this scale will be minimized in the future. It is going to impact your reputation greatly otherwise.

I’m going to mention it, yes Blizzard will compensate players for play time if server disruption is as severe as this. But we are F2P game and you are not obligated to compensate us in any shape or form. But please consider , the focus is to prevent and minimize these server issues on Valtan and Mari in the future is what we mostly care about, and then compensation if you can.


Yea they gave some today.

Oh look who it is…it’s olongtea.

Oh did they ? well guess what, I haven’t been able to log in so =(

Yea you’ll get it when you get in. Maybe they’ll give more…dunno. Feel bad for the gamers trying to play.

i was able to log in 5 mins ago, and guess what, i got disconnected again and restricted for 10 minutes

I like to think that statement as a compliment rather than insult ? lol

Compensation should be a t3 power pass. The bots made me wait in queue for 4 hrs. i could of made a t3 from lv 10 to 50 and then 302 to 1302 by now in that time frame.

Yea, not exaggerating I can agree to that.
At this point, I really just want to have a playable server where 1 to 2K queue is acceptable or some bots because you can’t clear all bots right ?.

Yes this way everyone would be caught up. boom problem solved. now release valtan.

after the 3 hrs update, it didn’t solve anything, and i’ve been disconnected 4 times after the update…

Yea, I was frustrated this morning at 6AM only to find out that was the case. Heard it got worse for some folks on Valtan .

so it’s mari

Thats not gonna happen.

For 3 reasons thst i can think of,

  1. They made a fieton pass instead of a punika pass. Which means they dont want to make a punika pass available yet for reasons of their own that we dont know.

  2. It would mean bots could get access to a punika pass.

  3. I think the fourms would rage, people would be mad they didnt get one even if they didnt experience issues. Judging based off how they already act when things dont go their way.

I am not even asking much, just a fair compensation. I mean heck if no compensation that is fine also at least fix the servers. Fix the queue times…

Yep they’re clearly having issues. We get it.

They usually give compensation every time something happens on their end.

I remember one time a guardian was bugged but it Miraculously worked for me when i solo’d it and i also got the compensations