I never play this game again!

what quest is that again?

are you a support?

i think its at south verne. an story dungeon. where you need to kill an black knight. without telling to much. you can see his name “lujean” at the lifepoints



and he quit cause of that? ok… guess he’s one of those who would ragequit if they wipe in a raid too.


most comments here are probably of the people who run this quest with 1460 ilvl ;/

Mission failed we get them next time

I did it when im on 1370 ilvl (Gunlancer),got no problem at all. But as @Mikumari said above when bard cleared it although difficult then how hard could it be for different classes? Especially DPS.

And blame the npc because they didn’t deal any damage? Like for real? Those NPC are nothing compared to Lir from T1 tower where she just scream and do 0 damage.

I think its just mentality.

i did it with my 1340 paladin support build - it took a while but it woklrd out fine

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Geez how did you die to story boss xD


Skill issue.
Imagine dealing with those kind of players in 1370+ content quite soon :rofl:

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It was toxic to why

I agree with him tho, @CrazyRhan what he said was true. If OP unable to defeat MSQ boss,i cant imagine him do velganos. (If he continue playing that is)

nobody doing this shit u farm yoho and then chill with deskaluda :smiley:

to be able to farm deskaluda you need to kill velganos at least 1 time.


just buy a BUS xD


so? to kill once u dont need insane skill or anything just go in again and again till it dies

he wasnt able to kill casual story boss with basic mechanics. Do you think he will be able to kill velganos before rage quit?

guard is not 1 v 1 content ur party can carry u

He will learn I did not understand what your problem is

Suddenly everyone here thinks they are good players. Enough with that