I never play this game again!

I would be sorry too if i couldnt do a story instance…

Oh this is new. I haven’t seen a person getting stuck on quest progression before for a while. Now this certainly is interesting. You should have decent enough engravings and stats to do all of the required progression to continue if your this far in. I wonder what went wrong.

I wanna see this guy on valtan

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well i was refering to his attempt for quest boss and after that he created topic - I never play this game again! . I i dont think that he will be able to run multiple velganost to learn the mechanics.
Dont be a snowflake. There is a lot of bad players. And this game isnt for everybody.

He’s not wrong about Diablo 4 if blizzard doesn’t mess it up.

Purple portal takes longer in a chaos dungeon for supports. I do this at 1340 before pushing to 1370 on all my alts.

I’m going to assume the op is just trolling, but if not check your gear.

Ummm… It’s probably for your own good if you quit when you can’t even deal with story mode bosses.

You bad at the game my dud

Like they never do

Honestly the challenge of the South Vern storyline fights surprised me. Challenge being relative to the prior zone story quests.

Supports probably would have a heck of a time. The NPCs really are only there for appearance and sometimes buffs, they don’t deal damage.

Even Velganos needs some easy prey sometimes lol.
But gotta be honest he’ll most likely be nothing more but a helpless puppy once the 1370 express hits.
He’s unfortunately going to suffer the same fate as every other guardian…




Calm down and buy ice cream! :slight_smile:

Glad this guy never made it to Valtan because he’d be an awful team mate if

  1. Hes struglging with a story boss.

  2. He wants to quit because he failed a 2 minute mission.

  3. Refuses to ask for help or tips, just rage

What is this? Thronespire?

He writes like an Asmongold viewer with the caps and his post history.

are you that guy that I got in a guardian run, using a melee bard a couple months ago?

That cash shop is looking promising with all those “anchoring around” tweets

After inmortal… I don’t have any expectations anymore.