I never received the item i purchased and the support won't help me at all

Hello ;

I purchased 3 item in the in-game shop today

50 Destruction Stone
5 legendary card pack
Skin Shin Hermida

When i claimed all these item at once, i only received the 50 destruction stone and neither the card pack or the skin ship

I went to the steam support and tried to open a ticket, and it sent me to amazon games support

I went to live tchat and explained my issue, even gave screenshot of my shop showing the skin ship as purchased ;

BUT the support dude told me he could not find my purchase on my history and that he could not help me and that i needed to go to the steam support

steam support that directly send you to amazon games

so it means :slight_smile:

  • I paied 600 cristals for nothing
  • Support can’t help
  • I will never be able to get that skin ship, ever

Can someone please help me retrieve my item please ?

Hello @annieladybird

Welcome to Lost Ark forums.

I’m sorry to know about the missing items from your purchase through in game store.

Please refer to the post in the link below for more information on this.

I hope this information helps.

Thank you!

Hello dear Blackbeard0 ;

Are you sure my issue will resolve itself over time ?

The shop seems to be working now in my region/server but i still received nothing ;

Also, amazon games support claim there’s no purchase showing in my history, hence they can’t help me at all, neither can steam …

But as you can see, the ship is listed as purchased 0/1, so i did purchase it

Meanwhile when i purchased 50 destruction stone after, i received them without issue, so i’m really wondering if i’ll ever receive my previous ordered item, at all …

i grow very anxious about that issue, all i wanted was to have fun with my friends =(

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Hello @annieladybird

Can you please provide your character name and server with me, so that I can look into this for you.

Thank you!

char name : Haevetein

Server : Trixion

Hello @annieladybird

Could you please check your product inventory because I do see Skin Shin Hermida and legendary card packs in your inventory.

Thank you!

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Hello ;

Are you sure ? here’s my inventory

Am i missing something ? i’m new so maybe i overlooked something but i don’t see neither card or ship skin =(

edit : i can also provide screenshot of my ship skin inventory list to show hermida’s still greyed out and unusable

nothing here too :frowning:

Hello @annieladybird

Maybe they’ll appear in sometime as some items aren’t appearing immediately. Can you please verify files through steam and then login.

Instructions on how to verify the files are provided in the link below:

Thank you!

I already tried earlier to log off / log back with a 6k queue and nothing changed

What happened earlier is that i already claimed those item from my product inventory around 7hours ago when the initial issue happened

but they were never delivered

if you can still see them in my product inventory it means they’re stuck between two reality pan lol

any way you can force claim them for me or make them appear again?

i already tried log off and log back with a 6k queue around 2hours ago :frowning:


I’d request you to give it sometime and check if you can find the items or if you want, you can contact our live support with this forum link and get a ticket raised on this.

You can chat with our support by visiting the link below:


Thank you!

But dear Blackbeard0, if i came on these very forum in the first place, it was because amazon games live support and also ticket support both told me two things :

1 : they did not see the purchase in my transaction history
2: they asked me to go to steam to ask about missing item

BUT on the steam support, they forward you directly to amazon games support ( the same link as you )

so it’s a dead end, no one will help me through this kind of support sadly …

that’s why i came here … i can provide you 9 screenshots from my previous live support tchat

i also received an e-mail as an answer for my ticket telling me to ask steam for my missing item, again.

What am i supposed to do ? :’(

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Sorry to hear the experience you’ve had, was the previous ticket created by you or by the live support?

If not by the live support, then I’d request you to ask the live support to escalate this by raising a ticket internally and you can provide them this forum link as a reference and it’d be checked by our team.

Thank you!

I tried live support first

Then i’v sent a ticket

got an answer to this ticket in a mail saying ’ ask steam ’

then i went back to live support, and the support person told me he’d send a ticket to the devs

2hours after i receive an e-mail saying " ask steam " :’(

edit: the last time i’v sent a link through the live support they told me they could not clic on any link … i screenshoted the whole convos
i also provided the screenshot of the 0/1 skin ship count in my own ticket but they still told me " go ask steam "

i’m starting to feel really bad about this whole issue tbh, spent the whole day anxious …

I restarted the game right now as you hinted

sadly my item are still missing :’( … why

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it feels so sad to know i’ll never be able to get that ship skin on my account …

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still nothng

btw i’ll update this post until i get what i paid for


Waiting for a Customer Service associate to arrive…

Estimated wait: 40 minutes

Very nice.

40min to another attempt at retrieving what i paid for.

Customer is everything but king over there.

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Hi @Blackbeard0 any chance you can check on my platinum founders pack? I paid $150 for it the night before the game came out and then all the servers had problems and when I went to claim it nothing happened and when I tried relogging it was gone. no where to be found. I have a clip of it aswell.

Server: Valtan - US West
Character name: Rozey

Any help would be great as support chat doesnt seem to help with anything