I play one character only and no I don't spend money

This is my sad roster, but I have a lot of fun with the game. I play a lot of PvP - and I hope Lost Ark Devs will focus more on that in the future. But hey, just wanted to say - you don’t need 1000x alts to make gold, to get materials enough. Dude, it’s all okay - have fun, keep playing your main if you want to :wink:

It worked out for me!


nice try but you posted nothing else to prove you didn’t

i want your paypal statements past 6 months

bank account statements past 6 months

steam statements past 6 months

and I’ll also require a video of this too.


I had to like your comment, because I can’t tell if you’re making fun or not haha :smiley:
I don’t use paypal or any other online payment services hehe

I took a screenshot, that’s all I can do my man, you have fun :slight_smile:

You alt :stuck_out_tongue:

Acrually a quick math for you, if you get the 1300 to 1340 to can run 6 chaos dungeon thay gives epic accs and 1 yoho + 2 igrexion

All those will give you average 4 items with spec for a total of 12 items with spec, each spec ítem insta sells for 100gold each if it is a necklace spec /crit install sells for 300 gold, so average you get a day only on epic items is 1200 gold, add 10 leaps and 600 destructions it is about 2.2k gold a day menaning you get a week only on mats 15k gold (add here 5000 from orehas and 1500 from argos p3 bus, roughly 22k ish gold from your “poor” roster not bad huh?

Why is the bottom cropped :thinking:

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not sure I follow the logic here - you pretty clearly play three characters, and now have a 4th from the Punika powerpass to play as well.

‘I play one character only’

Shows a screenshot with alts which already completed gold rewards that week.


OP quickly replace your picture with this one


My guy flexing his luck show me ur honing fail achievement when you got that. All free event mat go into 1 char hahaha

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i also play only 1 character! just my shadowhunter appearing there as you can see.


Nice i respect that ammount of coomer

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Bikinis are the real endgame content.

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im only playing 1 character aswell


nice 1 character you got there! i can’t see any other character in your screenshot just like mine. only 1 character!!!

Least horny LA player


it’s a blessing!

OP is just a lucker, don’t believe you will get the same luck. Enjoy constant pity never reaching 1475.

Endgame content is MINI Bikinis :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Ye u play 1 character but im playing 6 :slight_smile:
And i had some luck this week actually dropped 2 items that are worth more then 500 gold

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