I play one character only and no I don't spend money

i never had luck with accessory drops. lol

Nice to know cuse i hate play Alts I dont have Problems with like 2-3 Char but 7 and more is masochismus. This the most Point why I hate this game.

Grats i guess The bottle neck of not having alts will become more apparent when pushing to 1600 with the abysmal cost and success rates. But if you pray to rng gods maybe u can 1tap ur way there without too much investment

c this folks
true endgame


Alts are a mid-long term investment, the difference between you and people that has a strong rooster is that they are now making a lot more gold & resources than you, but if all you want is to play 1 single character then its 100% fine and there’s no real need to make more alts at least for a while.

This is my roster, i’m like a “non-casual” f2p player so i tried to have 6 characters (2 as temporary until artist) and doing all dailies to try to get as many to 1490 before brelshaza but is 4 fucking hours of only daily stuff on them + raids and weekly quests on each of them (1 char per day) so more hours per day, unfortunately i had to start only doing dailies on 2 character per day, i will be gaining around half of weekly mats than before (-33.33% because of rest bonus + not be able to buy ship mats for lack of coins and time + less pvp coins until next season), so rip alts at 1490 for brelshaza.

Lol kinda the same with me, got sick of the time wasted daily zombie grinding alts. Dropped grinding alts at with 1 1445 and 2 at 1460. Main sitting at 1505 till brel gear, not gonna waste mats upgrading inefficiently going past 21. All I do now is raids with static and chaos dungoens on rest spend maybe an hour every other day but its comfortable grinding that doesnt burn me out. Make enough gold from raiding and busses anyways with alts finally giving back roi. Sitting on enough gold to not know what to do with since I already have my legbooks and 5x3s set up. Just smooth sailing at least till statics quit.

I have now 4 Alts when i play two or one is not that Problem but when I change too more its feel more like a job then playing and enjoy the game is just not Satysfation with many alts, I hate this at least last time when i try play all my alts i got red eyes and head pain i sinked too many hours for just silber from chaos dungeons and unas with bifrost and something more when i play my main only and one better alts is diffrent and betrer.

lol accessories from yoho all garbage wont even sell for 10 gold thats bullshit

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i am also f2p 1530 trust me bro

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That’s different. It was all about purples and spec, the bots were buying them for the bridge runs.

But they don’t do it anymore.