I PREFER waiting an hour then not playing with friends

Just imagine, you are hyped with ur friends, a few are have the pack and leashed the guild etc etc, a few join later… And now there will be a lock on the server???

Excuse you, just let people create stuff, its upto them to join a queue.
Put queue on, go outside and get back.


displaying the queue # and an estimated waiting time would deter new players from joining the server
but locking the whole server deters friends from joining up…


Problem is depending on the server, queue is not 1 hour, it can go up to 7 hours.


Exactly, just make new “servers” and let the servers be open.

My friends want to join it and not paying last min to be able to join the server .

It’s upto new players joining an overpopulated server.


Increase Server Capacity / make more channels - and if it isn’t anymore needed just decrase it…

Or the other idea - make a Server with the same name and merge it in 4 month…

or Server-Transfer !


there shouldnt be compromises, they need to upgrade existing servers to working conditions.


On top of that they give us 1h notice? What is this? Serious company?


Takes 1H to download imagine “buying” it fast to join ur friends…

My friends are pissed, so am I.


Agreed. This whole situation is messed up.


How come that the biggest cloud provider in the world has these sort of issues?!?!

Why were we able to start the game early when we are now facing a situation of being separated from playing with friends in already established guilds?

Seriously… Have you not learnt anything from New World except on how to break the game with “Fixes” that introduce new bugs? What have you learnt at all?


Reading the forums the past couple days has been giving me MAJOR dejavu, as a day one player of New World (and actually way sooner since I tried multiple betas)

The only time I was able to get on was morning while working from home, disconnected mid day and now im 5 hours deep into the queue. Service availibility has to come first - if existing characters cant reliably log in whats the point of allowing making new characters.

I mean this is a bandaid fix before tomorrow when f2p ppl come in the 5hour queue will turn to 15h and at that point i’d rather tape my controller down then wait to login again.

No matter how you solve this, someone will get hurt in the process.

The best thing they could do is lock existing servers and develop a server transfer in the next 2 weeks - Kinda like they did with New World.
So friends can start somewhere else and then join together 2 weeks later.

Locking the servers for tomorrow is the only effective thing they could do imo.
Queues on our Server (Asta) are already heavy. We are not speaking 1 hour, we are speaking 5-7 hours today (If you joined at lik 18:00).
Who knows how much ppl come tomorrow, and how much will join the server regardless. Asta is the “unofficial german server”, so besides friends I guess thats also a reason why a lot of people would join.

Locking is the only thing that prevents totally breaking the server.
It sucks, I get that - And they should come up with a plan to compensate (Server transfers), but its the only thing they can do right now.


I agree with this, if you can accept the queue let people. It will slowly shed its own players and autofix. This lock is not the solution, if it goes through I will sadly have to refund this gave Ive waited 8years for just due to lack of experience from AGS.

Locking half the existing servers , of which all filled with English speaking player base are now locked, is definitely not a sollution to anything.

Even then lock so many servers on EU and add only ONE before game goes free to play ? How does that make any sense ?

Server schließen und den Pionierin die Wahl eines transfers geben.Dafür haben wir doch bezahlt.
Das ist die einzige menschenmögliche Lösung! Alles andere ist reine Abzocke. Es sind nicht die Chars (die währen schnell hoch gelevelt)sondern das teure Geld was uns abhanden kommt und dann werden wir zu Single-player was soll denn das. Ausgestoßene sind wir Pioniere !

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This is what the forums look like for every game that launches or major expansion launch. I have been around for many game launches over the years.

People need to start understanding that when a game first launches there more than likely will be queues for at least a week or two on the most populated servers. That queue will go away in time. But every game that launches people come to the forums threatening refunds, lawsuits, etc. because of queues. If the company opens too many servers for a very temporary problem, those servers will be dead in a year or two’s time more than likely. It has happened time and time again in numerous games.

So Amazon has decided to lock servers to prepare for tomorrow’s launch to try to help alleviate what will obviously be queues. If they don’t do something, the queues will be outrageous.

They should have given more notice, I agree with that. But this is dejavu for basically every game that has launched. No matter what they do people are going to be upset. People are upset about servers being locked. People were upset about queues. You literally can’t please all the people all the time.


Convince your friend to hold off on playing, or be prepared to start over.

I don’t see this restriction lasting more than a few day to a week. I am pretty sure this is just to help funnel the influx of new player toward the new / low population server and once the large influx of free to play player had settle on a world, they’ll start removing the restriction.

But until then, keep complaining on the forum and make us be heard so that the restriction doesn’t get lifted like a month later.

Lets create an MMO where you can’t play with your friends.

Absolute joke tier.


Unbelievable. All my friends except me started in early access. I had a very busy week at work so I didn’t want to be distracted and opted to wait until the weekend. Looks like Ill be playing this game alone now…until I get bored of playing alone and never play again. They are going to leave a sour taste in everyone’s mouth with this, and a lot of lost customers.