I present you Sun LV3 1400 Chaos Dungeon

That’s all, that’s the post.



I propose a change to the chaos dungeon name from Sun to Black Hole.


hahaha excelent


I live for this kind of threads lolol


Agreed. Compared to how many mats you need to raise your ilvl at this point, chaos dungeon, even with rest bonus, hardly feels worth running.

Lol idk why there’s so much variance in RNG. Getting 9 - 15 is RNG, getting 1 is just broken

People be like it’s rNg but getting either 2 or 12 or lowkey stupid rather than just RNG.

sadly that’s how rng work, i would rather they had a min and max amount of leapstones like guardians

Man, a lot better than my chaos dungeons as of late. I killed the big boss on level 2 and got 50 honor shards :confused:


Its just RNG, thats it.

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very wide r n g if y ou get either 2 or 12 it doesn’t make that much sense.

Wow thats just horrible!

they know from new world that people with above 800h won’t quit anyway XD, so they can delay the progress as much as they want^^

Complete and utter garbage. Are they making it worse to promote more spending? Probably. They do treat this like a glorified mobile game.

It shouldn’t be like that tho. We already get RNG on so many things, we should at least get a minimum amount of currency each run.

Chaos runs should give you at least 5 Great Honor leapstones, considering how much you need to try one upgrade in later levels