I QUİT (Constant unlucky honing and unlucky drops)

Thank you for not being able to upgrade even one item with 500 great leapstones. Since 1430, I have been constantly upgrading all my items with high or full artisan.Low quality gearsAnd high gold comes nothing to make.Lost Ark is enough. I don’t want to spend 2 weeks trying to upgrade an item. I hope everyone gets rid of this bullshit.

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Don’t worry i’m in the same boat with hoaning basically pitying every piece on my main, also very bad luck trying to get yearning as well friend got it in 18 bags, i’m up to 152 and still trying though.

All down to rng in the end, sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don’t

Fail 3 times stop honing.

Hone different days/times.

Click hone button run away from pc and come back

Click hone and close your eyes/no sound.

Click hone and threaten your screen

Worked for me, good luck.


Aladin rub the lamp multiple times to wake the genie up and grant him a wish.

You need 7 Dragon Balls to summon Shenron so you can wish anything.

Hmmm… What else?

There’s also the infamous “rubbing” technique, might help

Based on what you stated, 500 GHLs means you were trying either a +18 Weapon or +20 Armor

+18->+19 Armor = 468 GHLs Worse Case
+19->+20 Armor = 800 GHLs Worse Case

+16->+17 Weapon= 360 GHLs Worse Case
+17->+18 Weapon = 728 GHLs Worse Case

Use Juice Mats on your Weapon, you will save a good ton of Leapstones.
And +20 Armor is not going to be required for ANY content for several MONTHs yet. So you essentially complaining about going above the current content level hones.

Note that the honing chance only gets worse going up from here.

Allow me to explain my methodology when it comes to honing that prevents me from getting demotivated.

First, go to Maxroll’s Honing Calculator.
Second, calculate how much it will cost to get to the level you’re aiming for.
Third, add another 25% to every required material to account for bad luck.
Finally, spam the hone button until you run out of materials. Don’t look at fails, don’t look at artisans, don’t look at anything else. Just click that button like your life depends on it.

And before you know it, you’ll be at 1690. Good luck!

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Lol this is somewhat similar how I do it as well. Like I dont take any alt from 1355 to 1370 until they have about 400 HLs as that covers generally the cost. Doing 1 hone a day can get discouraging but honing enough to get to the end goal on the same day isn’t so bad.

To me honing is rather chill experience compare to stone cutting. I just think it as 100% artisan is true honing upgrade and anywhere in between is a bonus, but that’s just me. I find stone cutting is way more frustrating lol. Anyways, I hope you find happiness on whichever games you play.

What is your current ilvl?

I can’t tell which makes me feel worse.

Constantly farming for an RNG drop on every reset, or honing to 100% energy with all those “failed” “failed” “failed” “failed” “failed”…

I have to say this gating method does give me a worse feeling. Wasn’t as bad at pre 1370 since the rate was more reasonable.

You should be expecting to fill your artisan 100% of the time. The % is just an extra bonus but don’t expect it to pop any sooner.

Honestly the way honing shouldn have been presented is like leveling a character. You need X exp to level. But if it popped sooner, it’s just that little extra benefit.

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1455.I haven’t been able to upgrade with less than 60% increase since 1430. I haven’t upgraded today.I tried upgrading weapons from +18 to 19, it reached 75% artisan, I tried upgrading armor a few times and it still didn’t work. All tower and weekly resources were wasted. I definitely don’t have 1 lucky upgrade in 3 weeks.

Reminds me of when i failed multiple 99.99% honing chances back in T2 too not actual pity but chance

I’ve been there mate, got really lucky with one last tap and reached 1460 last week.

I just want to point out that me and you were trying to reach the “soft cap” of the current patch, and have no content to chase after (1460 onwards) for a good month or two, when clown arrives.

Let that sink in

We are going for the highest gear level for the content avaible, while also skipping normal mode of a raid that just released! For me, ideally you want to be at the highest gear level necessary for the current content and stay there for a while, then no further hones are needed

And you are 2 taps away from it ^^

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I’m playing Destroyer. I spent much more resources than other characters to get to this level. I feel mentally damaged

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You cant look at honing expecting to succeed a 6% chance. I look at Artisan like an XP bar, trying to level up. I have to grind that xp to get my next level. The caveat is that sometimes you get lucky and level up without as much xp needed.

Is that the one where you rub one out before honing so you don’t give a shit what happens after

Much more understandable then. I find the delayed class releases in a game like lost ark unsustainable, and it will get exponentially worse as time goes on

Coudn’t agree more heres hoping arcana comes with a punika pass and hyper express 1302 to 1415 for those that like her.

Also just noticed Jederico’s icon isnt censored on forums.

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