I reached ilvl 1400 with 1 alt at tier 3 today. I wrote some advices to help you out

Thanks to AGS events and horizontal content I reached 1400 today without 6+ alts that like seems the average player at this lvl has :rofl:.

What I did:

Daily chores aka chaos dungeons, guardians (only with gauge even on my main) and weekly abyssal stuff. I stopped doing G.raids every day because it’s really time consmuing and unfun. Since I did that I really enjoyed this content more.

To sustain silver weekly I mainly do every daily island that gives me silver. Each island gives you 70.000 silver which is nice boost. I also buy chests from guild shop. Alts can help you here but as I said they aren’t mandatory.

To sustain gold weekly I do weekly x2 gold islands aswell. They gives you 600 gold and they changes every week but you can track them easly at every reset thorught alarms. Abyss dungeons. Una’s badges. Sometimes I sell some drop from Argos and raw drop from lifeskills aswell.

However, this isn’t enough gold to honing if you didn’t do collectibles. So I grind all masterpiece chests and as you see at these images I’m really haven’t any issues with gold as long as I don’t spend it at some dumb stuff.

To sustain mats weekly I do the common chores as you do. Guild Shop, Ship shop, World Boss, Ship…I also do Chaos Gates but I stopped open maps since is really annoying and I just hoard the epic ones until update will come out.

Besides that you can also do Punika maps (excavation) for a tiny gains and grind rank class PvP. I unlock limit 4 this week and it’s really nice boost be able to reedeem 2 lines of mats of everything. Specially for solar mats.

I hope something was useful to you! Take care.


Now let’s see steam transaction history🤣

Right, how I do that?

Congrats bro ! Just hit my 3rd alt to t3 today :slight_smile: full f2p :slight_smile:

that doesnt require money tbh :slight_smile:

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How many hours of playtime do you have my friend? Gz to that archivment

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Is this enough to you?

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I no-lifed it. You can’t reach this ilvl after two months being casual. You need spend something either time or money. I chosen time.
It’s also was my first time playing this game (I don’t played it in RU/KR) so there was a learn curve to get used to some stuff.

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