I REALL hope you move 21/04 honing books by a week

Because let’s be real here, the reason why they make them expire on 21th is so that we have to waste mats on other characters or simply don’t use books at all, which would make the event useless.
I have an alt at 1340 that I have not touched in like 3 weeks, and I have quite a lot of T3 books that expire on 21th

So it’s either I use them and waste mats that might force me to spend gold/real money to buy T3 mats for lancemaster, or I don’t use them and also indirectly waste mats.

@Roxx What was the point of moving the books expiring date to 21th if you also release the class the same week exactly?

Or there is another event coming with this update.

We don’t know the content of patch and honestly it is not that a big deal to have those book expiring…

Uh yeah it is. I have like 40 of them

The point was so that you can have 1 week longer shop because of the delay ig. If they expired last week you wouldn’t be able to use it on lancemaster anyway.

They were always going to end before lancemaster got here.

The Event has been out for a month and people asked for more Books. (Materials)

They expire on the 21st.

Whats is your Question here?

Why Amazon didn’t just make it last until 31.12.2022?

Why being so ignorant and acting like “You want me to pay $ to use those Books?”

Ask nicely and maybe someone will read your Stuff.

Dates from the books need to be removed completely

Not actually true had there been no unexpected issues.

At any rate, they have zero plans to extend the books a second time. So just toss them out.

Ye it was, they extended it by a week recently because they knew they wouldn’t get the patch out.

originally it was ending on the 14th.

Its looking more like they planned for the 14th, extended with that in mind, but in the immediate lead up to the 14th unforeseen issues cropped up necessitating a delay.

Just understand this game as alot of events coming with honing mats books etc…
When 1 event ends u just need to wait for the next one…

If u have 40 books use it in your alts. They exist for that. If you don’t want don’t use them.
It’s ur damn choice. Stop complaining about paying money… Thats just fake.

I’m full f2p 3 char t3 1 1401, 2 1340 3 1350
And I’m using that in my alts to push them to 1370.

When the next event comes I’ll use it in Lance Master and destroyer for example.

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You are fully right but people are not smart, they just see what they lose and dont’ understand other events will come…

They have another event litterly right now (the guardian raid one) where the books dont expire until the 28th. One event is over but the other still around and useful

Edit:i used the books from the racing event to get my sorc t3 snd i stock piled the guardian raid ones for lancer so it seems to work fine for me

Use it or lose kid kiddo

why do so while they can get some cash from it with lancemaster launch ? I saw in another thread that the date won’t get pushed further.