I really have the feeling that i've been scammed

I really have the feeling that i’ve been scammed and im pretty sure im not alone. Let me be clear, the game is awesome and i enjoyed every aspect during the 3 “pay2play” days…It’s now been 3 day since f2p release and i wasn’t able to log on once. Insanely long queues, service interuption due to overwhelmed launcher, prime time patch… Since when can a game editor take your money and still BLOCK you from accessing the game ? Is it even legal ? Im seriously thinking of a reimbursement right now …


i am with you mate, AGS just dont learn and dont care for her player’s, paying or not,
just like they did in NEW WORLD, they will f*** this as well…


I’m pretty thankful that I lived through enough MMO launches to kind of get used to the launch shitshow of each and every game. So I didn’t get my hopes up.

All we can do right now is wait and hope to be able to play in 1–2 weeks.


For brand new games? Sure.

This is a massively hyped up MMO with a proven track record in 2 different regions.

The Smilegate RPG side has been flawless, have you experienced any bugs or glitches yet? I havent.

All these issues literally come down to AGS and their servers.


@Jinam TY for understand the problem… finally someone with brain…

not refundable is against law

Against which law in which country?

Doubt it. I’d say the fault is 50/50.

WTF is 3rd world issue have anything to do with a game man?!

You determined this person is white how?

I blame germanies corona restriction.

Well … I assume that if we have the time to play and the money to pay for those expensive packs its because we dont live in a 3rd world country. Yes my mindset might be an occidental one … But still … When you pay for a service, you expect it to be available AT LEAST right ?

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That is the dumbest thing I’ve read today. Congratulations on your ignorance.

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lol what a stupid comparison, point is that we aren’t in a 3rd world countries. You can make that statement for basically ANYTHING people have beef with. “You can’t get your milk at the shop? Dude people in 3rd world countries have to walk 10km to get a pot of dirty water.” Just dumb commentary.
Its pretty crazy how they are more than happy to take your money but not provide you the service.

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EU consumer protection law. But also this law has its limits and exceptions (especially for digital goods).


I’m not saying that you don’t deserve a service. What I’m trying to say is blabbering about it doesn’t really do anything and complaining it here just to get people to agree with you wont help at all. Not one bit. You want real immediate action? Get a lawyer, go legal. I bet none of you have balls enough to do that. Stop whining and wait for them to fix it.

dude, that statement shows you have an iq like room temperature…

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“EU consumer protection law.” - Internet lawyer alert!

Your statement shows subzero. Am I wrong?

Blabbing about it on the forums shows them there is players who having issues with aspects of a service their providing, there is no legal action you can or would take as they haven’t breached their TOS.
This is about keep your paying customers coming back ya fool.

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