I really hope next time Bezos goes into space

…his fire command gets redirected over Zinnervales Q so he has to sit there, in the rocket for half a day just staring at “Your q number is: 15 567”

Also if you could get Musk to override Bezosezszszs Tesla so when next time he sits in it, the car locks itself and says: “Sorry, your start q number is 19 756”, would be awesome, thanks!

To all other ppl in AGS associated with server things and this q times…I sincerely hope someone ties your shoelaces together and if you don’t have shoelaces then glue them together! Also, next time when you’re eating something with ketchup, it drops on your white shirt!

Have a nice day! I’m done with curses for today, hopefully, I won’t be forced to make new curses tomorrow.