I really hope that the next week's patch is going to be great because

I’m in T2 and almost T3, I find myself only logging on to do my guardian raids and chaos dungeons, then after that I do my grand prix, then I get my stronghold dispatches running, after that if there’s no chaos gate or ghost ships, I’m done for the day. I could do the adventure isles but meh, no point really besides island souls…

I love this game and I enjoy having content to do, but right now after I do all that, I only get 1 chance to upgrade one piece of armor. I could be doing una’s tasks for 8 leapstones per quest, but meh I’d rather just go play another game until they get more ways to get resources… They barely give any and It’s not worth it to me.

Just a casual player’s thoughts. I’m really looking forward to the next patch but I am finding myself losing interest due to just not having stuff to do that’s meaningful towards my progression.

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If you press alt+L in game it opens up the collections, you need all that if you’re looking for “progression”. For end game you will definitely need the stat increases, skill point potions, runes, etc…. Even if you hit t3, without those you will be a liability to any group you join for future abyss, legion and guardian raids.


I do that stuff, but mostly when I have other content to consume as well. I usually do them alongside the other content, but if there’s no main content for me to consume, I’m not going to do it as much because that’s the only reason I’m staying logged in the game. I’ve done all the side quests I can do and have gotten a fair amount of skill point potions, runes, etc.

I definitely wasn’t one of those people who rushed through the main quest, ignoring side quests. I have a decent number of mokoko seeds but not a whole lot because they can take up a lot of time. I’ve decided that I will end up dedicated a whole day to mokoko seed finding, but logging on just to collect mokoko’s because I have nothing else to do isn’t exactly fun.

My roster level is at 60 in T2, if that means anything

What you write in your first post it’s exactly why I love this game.
I can play for 30-60m in a day, and I make still progress. While someone who wants to progress faster and plays for 10h, that guy plays his alts and will get rewarded for that massively lateron aswell.

I have a ton of time to play during winter, I’m in T3 for over 2 weeks now.
But during summer I have no time at all. Playing 1char every other day for 20m and still progress is such a cool thing.
So even in a busy week I can play a bit of LA, bit of TFT and LoL and maybe some offline game for an hour while still not getting behind at all in LA.

Really cool

edit: but I see how people who put in 500h alrdy will get mad pretty fast now realising this isn’t the game for it.
But truth is most games aren’t xd

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