I really just want some communication man

I really just want some communications on what is actually going to happen, specifically like the road map that was promised.
Everyone is up in arms today because we feel like we are gated from content that got released and we have no help to get there.
Both side will argue, one side will say not all content needed to be done immediately, and other side is saying they’re putting in the time to play every day and not meeting the requirement to get into the content do feel bad.

I’ve been browsing reddit and this forum and I do kind of agree with both side.
But as a personal experience where I have been playing this game everyday and spending a little bit of money, I am only 1355, 15% success rate to get to 1370 do feels bad man. Not enough material to help boost, not enough gold to buy the boost

Just hoping the road map will be announce soon to confirm some people that it will be worth to continue playing and that there will be help to get us to new content that get fed to us.
I’ve seen some streamers say that as soon as content in Korea get release, they come a long with the help to boost to players to get to that content, well not immediately but “help” more general player base get there.

There will be whales, there will be casual. Profit need to be made, but it do kinda feels bad playing the game and feeling like you’re getting the short end of the stick while you’re putting effort into achieving it.

That’s just me venting. I just really hope content is not gated by the depth of my wallet.