I really loved this game

So the combat is really amazing, the amount of, and the differences in boss mechanics etc, is very impressive. I love the class selection. The unique aspects of each and how they all play very different is especially pleasing to someone like me who usually has a lot of alts.

But I can’t do your extreme RNG, I just do not have the luck for it. nor do I have the stomach for purchasing mats from the store just to watch them wasted when I had a 90% chance of success.

See I am that player that fails at a 75% success rate of cutting an ability stone 5 times in a row, then on the same stone will get 5 cracks in a row. And I just cant put myself through this roller coaster.

So good luck with your game… I am positive it will do very well without me and i do not expect the game to change because of my personal opinion.

Just letting you know why its getting uninstalled from my computer…