I really want to go to EUW and YOU?

Give me the exact replica of the founders pack I bought,powerpass, twitch drops and I’m willing to move to EUW. I just want these, nothing more. am i greedy? Do I like waiting in queue? NOOO!!! I can play 3 hours a day and don’t want to be in queue for 3 hours. my server Kadan. I play after work.(can’t play)
I’m curious about your thoughts on this.


I’ll move if they give me a free boost to T3.

  1. You get powerpass x2 when you get first character to level 50 in new region.
    Also not possible for first character:

Twitch drops will return at a later date, so will be possible to get them on another region.

My thoughts: I could barely play 1h a day with the queues after work. So I moved as it would take me less than 3 days of playing to get back to where I was.

I would move, but i will lose all the skins and stuff i already bought on the store. I wish they would fix this.


Nope, my guild and friends are on Zinnervale, i shouldnt have to leave all that behind excluding the hours i spent on my character just to get a better experience. Plus even if i did i wouldnt get my power pass back etc

Make your peace with the lost progress/items and move to EU-West.

Or do what I do: Wake up early at 4 am CET and play before going to work when servers are fine.

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I see, but for examply I am at 80hs already.

I would be interested if transferring of progress would be possible, but I doubt that would happen.

I think its possible but financial not the best option.
also it will take a long time to implement this correct…
So. If you want to wait 2-6 months for a transfer or working servers : leave … and come back then.
otherwise just play on euw … ^^"

People are misunderstanding the Twitch drops returning.

They’re going to be coming around again for those who missed them the first time.

If you already have them claimed in your Twitch inventory you cannot get them a second time.


Well, technically you may be able too, by creating a new twitch account and removing the old link and linking up the new one.

If its allowed however, that I cant answer. So do at your own risk. I still dont get the fuss about the twitch drops, out of all the issues to focus on its probably the least important one for me personally at least.