I really want to invest time and money in this game but

I’m not comfortable with the ungodly number of bots. It really obscures how many real players there are to group with. So many guilds I’ve joined on alts seem to be inactive already. Is the game headed in the right direction? It’s very well-made and clearly the developers care…but does the publisher? Should I go for it or scale back my effort?

Scale it back, chill like me. The higher you go more toxic players you gonna meet, that’s just my experience as a noob. Not worth to put time/money in this game, just have fun as you go. I don’t do whaling so i don’t know how much fun whales are having but you can try that if you want. A lot of people cheat in this game so… not worth imo.

Just yoho a bit everyday, no need for valtan. Oreha, Albion, Agos is fine, fun as is.

there is no need to rush through the game, if you can go through the game as your own pace take your time.

if you want to speed up then use money to get ingame items to ilvl up.

as far i know it’s not worth to buy AH materials, overpriced. My goal is to get 2 gear pieces a week to level up, since that goal i manage to keep up with the game. I started with this since 1415ilvl, basic all materials I get each week i use, with the luck I’ve to leveld up my gear beyond my suspections

people like you & me will end up leaving really soon.
What’s worse isn’t only these bots killing the economy but normal people botting their way to 1490 while you put all the efforts & won’t catch up anytime soon.
The game is doomed like NW.
It will take more time to die since whales & 1490 botted ppl will stay with bots for a longer time before leaving.

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I have the same prediction, pretty much just having fun while it still last at least for us.

I’m just enjoying the last moments really but not that much. Since this reminds me of when NW had problem with duping and most ppl ended up with free legendary gear & stuff. That’s around when I left.

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Im having a good time but Im player who enjoy testing different playstyles and even fast lvling options is not that easy to go to endgame with many characters.

Infortunately trying to solve bots problem they add more restictions for new players. Also current playerbase suggest more and more crazy “solutions” and if all of them been implemented will be imposible to have new players.

On top on this game get blacklisted in some gamer communities and its harder to get friends inside :frowning:

Highly suggest anyone who wanna test the game to never ever visit forum.

if environnement isn’t healthy & fair they’ll end up leaving soon anyway…

I will leave this forum, couldn’t handle the toxicity here.

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I really want to invest time and money

Dont, just dont

Sometimes is nice to read with the coffee but majority of the post are full of toxic comments. Reading it usually start thinking “why Im playing with people like this, isnt it posible to give them max level gear, to let them for play 1 month and they will quit after” :frowning:

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Thats weird. If you are in forum most likely care for the game.
If you care for the game why dont want other players to invest time so you can play together ?

Money support game in general and Im not financial advisor to tell people to invest or not - thats their decision.

We can play together for free.
This game (or any other game) is not and investment

The word investment mean something you make money of. I used it coz topic contain it.

For me personally spending money ingame is like buying golf stick - you support your hobby.
Im not progressing with money, I have aura and its like a sucsribtion for me. Is not required and is not exactly P2W but saves some time for sure. I think its fair for content we have.

And for sure game can be played for free. Well you wont be 1490 now but Im not also. I will be there when I get there (even if that mean never).

I was in the exact same position as you a month back. Decided not to spend, server crash, queues, bugs later have not regretted my decision.

Just play slowly and see if you even want to play 2 months later with the bots queues and AGS incompetence. Frankly everytime I have to wait an hour to even log into the game I get a little less motivated to even continue playing. Little by little I’m drifting away.

Call it addiction fading, maybe it’s a good thing.

No FOMO, play if you have fun, spend money if you have disposable money or don’t.

If my server had bots queues I will quit playing after waiting summary of 2h for lets say 7-10 days :frowning:

Yea, I’m close to quitting. Last week was this close to telling my guild members that I’m going inactive and to replace me.

The problem is also my faith that AGS will fix this issue is gradually eroding too.

Like it used to be, they doing something, now it’s like they’re doing basically nothing whatever they are doing is ineffective. The problem will be there forever.

Do I have enough time to wait an hour each time I play lost ark for the next few years? No, definitely not. So why do my dailies? Why hone?? Why even bother progressing at this rate.

Dude how many peeps are still going to cry about bots ingame?
There are bots in EVERY mmo.
Sometimes you see them, sometimes you dont.
You gotta learn to live with it.

You’re right I don’t see bots, coz I’m still queueing.

Learn to live with not playing? Done, I’m trying to. It’s called quitting.