I refuse to look for the guardian raid boss

Because of synergy my guy, its not hard to figure that out plus extra weak point from skills

Yeah, but straight up griefing on purpose isn’t while we try to min max our gold income per week and day.

If you don’t have patience for 1min searching etc then you can always MM and form whatever rules you want, I don’t see the problem.

fact 1: there are 2 groups of players: one group wants to battle items, one group does not
fact 2: games does not enforce use or not use battle items, it is not in the eula or tos, both forms of play are allowed by the game
fact 3: both groups of players are somehow in the same game instance, as match making does not separate them.

theory 1: one group’s play style is superior to the other group.
theory 2: information theory of every one is well informed and reasonably intelligent to make decisions on the information, and market economy that everyone chase after what maximizes their interest.

analysis 1: so 2 groups with divergence interests are put into the same instance, why? First of all, why is there even a divergence? Well may be one group has more resource then time, and another group has more time then resources. May be one group like to play min max hardcore, and another group is like casual passing time passive gaming.
analysis 2: which group is right? well that is like to say which religion is right or which way of life is right? unfortunately we share the community and we have to obey common rules, those are laws in society, in a game they are enforced by the game. Outside of common rules(law), there are choices that are not shared. Like choosing a car (gas or electric ) or taking a bus. Some say everyone should do their part to take a bus and help the environment, and other say the car is so convenient for them and electric cars is till not affordable as a total cost of ownership solution.
analysis 3: man all these buses are stopping every block and slowing down my car man. well we all share the same road, why can all these bus takers get their own car and go 80km/h and so the car drivers are not stuck behind the bus every stop. We share the road and unless I can gift a car to every bus taker, well it is not happening.
Conclusion 1: the road is shared, there is no foreseeable plan to have a road for rich car drivers only (may be even no speed limit like the autobaun , but I want to go going 200km/h down my street to the convenience store to buy a pack of gum ) and a road for buses only, although there are bus restricted lanes here and there.
Conclusion 2: nothing is going to resolve in this forum. Cannot get the bus takers to drive a car or the car drivers to use public transit. Each will pursue what is best for them. And both are right, even if they genuinely believe the opposite position group are wrong.

I hope you use flares and pheros too. Or else you are not living up to the standards you set for others.

of course

why would i be el cheapo when i complain about el cheapo constantly in the forum lands

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Its not that one group doesnt want to use battle items(maybe there is a group like that).

But its one group doesnt want to be told they have to use battle item 1,2,3 or 4 specifically and they must know this, and insta kick if they do not.

I want matchmaking to become efficient as people learn and want to contribute. Not because its forced or insta kick. Thats not healthy for newer or players that simply dont know. Especially when its usually berate them first then kick.

I still feel like a portion of the battle item police go into the raid hoping someone will fail their standards so they get their little power trip.

The game tells you about battle items and how to fight them (Luna’s guardian questline).

Since it does, that means you have been informed and you can no longer claim ignorance and refusing to use them or fight the boss falls under violation of the Code of Conduct under the Terms of Service.

Any argument otherwise is just you trying to justify your failure as a player trying to leech other people’s items and being mad you are now being called out by battle log indicating battle item usage

I have never once in MM had a hard enforcement of the FPPC rule. It is a guideline of etiquette. Every MM is more than fine with people just calling out which one you’re using as long as you’re using them.

Only an idiot or a troll would freak out about person 2 using a flare instead of person 1.

you can’t force me to dps the boss just because you refuse to do more damage

EDIT: People who make these kind of posts are lucky we don’t have a version of Inven or else they would just be soloing the entire game until they quit.

Make a party. Ask for FPPC. End of the problem.


I disagree with this, philosophically almost every single fight is set up to be beat without use of battle items. They are not a necessity, they are a QoL option in fights where you otherwise don’t require them to finish.

However finding a boss is required, there’s multiple ways to do it. The most crude is to run and look for it. Not participating - aka AFKing - in group content is a form of grief and actually against the CoC/ToS and can land you with a ban, otherwise theads like this wouldnt exist: Roxx, please save us from this unfair auto-suspension - #17 by acexeca

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Every single guardian fight is set up that you could punch it to death with no engravings and tripods.

The game doesn’t tell you to use engravings or tripods in relation to guardians so therefore, by your logic, I should just go without or even without skills at all and just auto attack them because it doesn’t even tell me to use skills.

It does tell me to use battle items though.


I’m not afking, i’m roleplaying an animal rights activist in a roleplaying game. It doesn’t tell me in the matchmaking screen I have to find the boss or even to fight it. Why is your way more correct? After all these people are arguing that the matchmaking only says I have to meet the itemlevel and that’s it. So I meet the itemlevel and now I am roleplaying my character.

What’s the problem?

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I get that this is hyperbole, but on the slim off chance you’re being serious, it’s also untrue. There is a base amount of DPS required to kill, it’s a low floor buts more than that.

Just to be pedantic and point out mis-information, you’re forced to use tripods so yes they are required. You cannot get past ilvl 1370 without tripods.

Technically you can enter without engravings, so by the standards of absolute minimum not they are not required provided the minimum dps to kill the boss within the timeline is met.

Jokes aside, killing the guardian is the literal goal of the dungeon. That’s why you get a failure (you die or run out of time) or success (guardian dies) screen. There’s no ambiguity in it, not participating or intentionally trying to prevent that goal is griefing. If the guardian can die with 4 people without accessories, tripods and gems w/ only auto attacks (it cant), then that would be valid. There’s no inconsistency.

This is not “my” way, it’s what the game’s systems are. If you afk you’ll get an unassisted boot from the lobby and debuff, therefore you are expected to be active. No need to agree or disagree, this is just fact.

The opinion part is whether anything else beyond that bare minimum should be required. I respect that some people think that battle items should be required in places where they are not, but that’s not the way the game is designed.


obviously he cant solo it either…to lazy to look for boss…and you think he will put in the effort to solo???

HHHHHAAAAA !!! thats a good one
odds are he just auto attacks in the raid anyways while complaining to others

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It’s a roleplaying game. I decided that the dungeon’s “failure” message only means you terrorists failed to kill an innocent animal not a “failure” to complete any assigned task. You tell me it is “the literal goal”. Where does it tell me this?

I press matchmaking. It doesn’t say kill this guy. It doesn’t say I can’t be a demon sympathizer. It doesn’t tell me I can’t run ice turtle’s orbs at you. You decided that and you decided to impose that on me.

But then you decided it’s unfair if I impose battle items on you.

Why is your special rule more important than my special rule? Sounds like you decided your fun is more important than my fun and that’s against the TOS.

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Why is the definition of success and failure being treated as if they are ambiguous? It’s almost like the argument falls apart if they arn’t, probably because it does and there isn’t subjectivity in this specific part of the issue.

Just to facetiously clear it up:
Successful: accomplishing an aim or purpose
Failed: not achieving its end or not lasting; unsuccessful

Boss dies - msg = “Raid Successful” in big text over your screen. Heres an example:
Boss doesnt die - msg = “Raid Failed” in big text over your screen. Here’s an example:

Then buy flares or don’t matchmake. Lmfao. I don’t get you bitching about someone not using flares/pheros, and you simultaneously won’t use them.

Bait thread.

Ok, and?

I just don’t understand one thing about all of this.
Why people claim they can do whatever they want, but others can’t do whatever they want?
I will do X but you can’t do Y.

Grow up people.

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Maybe you’re in a match with people just like you who refuse to flare because they been doing it. So now you’re just in a stand still. 95% of the time I’m the only one using flares an pheromones because I don’t want to run yoho down I want to get in and out. So if time is so precious maybe you should not be a cuck and use your battle items since you seem to be the only one in the party that’s in a rush like the rest of us who don’t bitch about battle items.

Well, you must be cheap too since you won’t use a flare… Hmmm point less thread.

For real. I’m so sick of kids on here demanding their way is the right way but if someone else decides okay then i’ll do it my way too then it’s against the rules

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