I refuse to use consumables at kunge. [potions included]

Yup, i recently stopped using weak point skills. Breaking Turtle’s armor is not necessary for finishing the raid. It only makes it faster, but you can easily complete the raid without it.


I know right. My static has tested running turtle with and without BI’s and the time difference was something at most 2 mins and change (he spawned left zone, then bottom zone and back to the left zone which is the futhest walk.

I mean some of my MM DEKSA clears as of late are LONGER then turtle is without battle items. (Yesterday my alt had a near 9 min Deska clear). Even the 1 yoho set I have to do been seeming like its no quicker then 6mins in random MM.

“Yup, i recently stopped using skills. Pressing skills is not necessary for finishing the Turtle. It only makes it faster, but you can easily complete the raid without it.”

Sorry, that was tempting af :')

Getting into guardian raid with a buddy.
Always say hello and goodbye, thanks, whatever.
Sometimes we’re going MM, sometimes party finder.
Sometimes we use items, sometimes we don’t.
Other people sometimes use items, sometimes they don’t, no one cares.

And of course sometimes one or two are not happy cause X reasons.
Good luck for those who loooove to kick people, we are not harassing, flaming, we’re polite, and we’re two.
In short, nothing against ToS.



True, you got me, I tried to kick few scums but no-one bothers to warn so now I just AFK and make some coffee and collect rewards, just a tip.

I hope you can afford many name changes :smiley:

All kidding aside, I don’t know why people are bent out of shape when people don’t use consumable on kung. We’ve had like 30 something guardians up until this point, no one gave two craps if you flare’d, phero, etc. Never. Not once.

Now you all get bent out of shape? Tell me why.

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Kung can be a PITA and take time is why.

Come at me mortals