I seriously demand answers, what is going on, no sugar coding!

Sure have issues, technical or programming. Fine.
Sure have connection issues, even my network could fail, ISP whatever.

But tell me this… How the hell this start of a game so terribly bad, after 4 days of launch you having serious issues…
How?!! Seriously I would like to get the exact details what are you struggling with?
Who to blame at this point?

Because this game should not be in beta phase, not in alpha, not in test, etc.
All you had to do seriously to add more languages, voice acting and the game is kind of done since years isn’t it?

What… are… you… doing?!!
My mind just cannot understand cannot comprehend this at all.
If you understand words like major fk up, if you understand terrible issues, if you understand disaster… This is all of it now, times 5!

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it’s the same braindead morons that did the new world launch. Amazon don’t hold their staff accountable, no one gets fired, so this burning wreck of a gaming studio continues to ruin gamers days

You tell em…

They just took the weekend off :slight_smile:

comment Amazon peut il entre aussi mauvais ce jeu tourne en vpn, mais pas en local
j’en peu plus de ce logo, new world, maintenant lost ark !

vendez votre boite de jeux a des gens compétant

bye bye lost ark v me noyer avec wow

To be fair, you can’t compare the player base in Asia to 1.5 million people wanting to log on at the same time here.

Not saying there were no mistakes made, not saying they couldn’t have done anything better. But some of you guys are just so unreflectively spamming their anger here that it gets annoying.

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Go and look at what we had to deal with when SWTOR has an update and then we have to wait to get in or better yet we have to wait for an entire day because they “broke” something when doing the update and that game is 10 years old.

Don’t read it then. Why are you sitting in the gaming feedback section while the game is burning and going, “guys you shouldn’t complain we should all just hold hands and suck amazons cock” fuck off

They actually shared Twitter post. But no word on the issues, just some PR regarding Twitch streamer competition. Guess it is a priority, not the queues.

While you are of course correct, it doesn’t change the fact that Amazon truly borked this. If they really weren’t aware how bad this was going to be based on the numbers of founder packages they must have sold, they are even more incompetent than I could have imagined. After the long queue times in the prerelase phase, this was a very predictable disaster.

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But they made these mistakes with New World, so should have made an effort to stop it happening again. But they didn’t. If they can’t accommodate a growing gaming community, then get out of the business. Simple as that really. No one wants to spend 5+ hours of their day in a queue for a game.

1.5 Million people ? ok if you think thats a lot seriously and on ASian servers are less people… don’t make me laugh…
And besides, they are on Amazon servers right? One of the biggest infrastructure in the world, fastest, best hardware you name it…
There are web servers, with hundreds of more people hitting those in an hour mate. What are you talking about.
Only the login server need to be able to handle huge traffic. Not the main servers. Not to mention if we talking about a proper server part, dozens of servers per “actual” server…
So lets not get into the technicality of the thing, because this is just human error, nothing more.
That is what pissing me off, and that its the 5th day after release of the game (we had 3 day head start don’t forget it!).