I still didn't receive Launch Celebration Gift


Now it’s 7-8th day and I still didn’t receive the Launch Celebration Gift. The problem is the servers were lagging because a lot of people were playing. The gift popped up in my shop. I clicked the “Claim” but it just dissapeared from “Product Inventory” and was never added to my inventory.
Any update about that ? I was writing to amazon support, but without any help or instruction what will be the fix. I really wanna that mount :slight_smile: . I also run the “DxDiag” but amazon support doesn’t ask for that txt.

What is happening ? Are there some people with same experience ?

IGN: Rothercy
Server: Sirius
Europe West

Hi there

I believe your issue might be related to the commerce issue we experienced. However, I really appreciate if you reach us via chat whenever you are available.

We can take a look at your account and confirm the item is reflected from our end, if it is reflected, we just need to wait a bit more. We can submit an investigation if it is not showing.

You can reach us here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Have a great week and best of lucks.