I still remember the good old days

I used to play mario kart with a good friend of mine, everytime i went back from school we jump’d into the n64 to play mario kart. I remember i always loved to play dk since he was so cool but my friend also liked him, so in the end we had a race were he always beated me and i ended up playing another character.

Imagine that in lost ark, you tryharded your stupid ru/ko class and give 0 shits about any other class for the time you were there and now that you actually get the chance to give a single fuck about another class, you still pipipipipi crying over that other class thats probably worthless

Can we start complaining about the future gamba and pay 2 win? can we complain about the bugs and glitches, or how the game is running every update worse? can we complain about bots?

I dont care about your stupid rifleman that transforms into a cheap version of ironman or your loli, i want the game to be functional and worth to play.