I think a lot of you fail to realize... Smilegate RPG is failing you, not Amazon

Sure Amazon proper is a big bad, we get it. AGS is not doing well, we get it. However Smilegate is one seemingly ensuring this game becomes irrelevant in the West, not Amazon’s skeleton localization crew. The gatekeepers and developers of our version of the game are Smilegate RPG. It always will be and was very much a part of the deal.

AGS is just PR and uploading SGR’s builds to Steam. All they can do is whisper suggestions. Most of the problems you place squarely on Amazon–are ones they had nothing to do with. Amazon isn’t exactly a gleaming example of success in gaming, but in this case we are shouting at walls. SGR doesn’t care about CM suggestions for our region.

SGR builds the game and it is their decision to brush off CMs, AGS is just shuffling their feet hoping your suggestions come to fruition.


i think it’s people’s expectation failing on themselves.


This is valid too.

The hard truth is that we don’t know what their contract stipulates, how exactly their “working together” looks like, or how much AGS is involved when it comes to changes and all those other things behind the scenes.

It could be SGR failing.
It could be AGS failing.
It could be both parties failing.

There’s no reason to defend one or the other, just like there’s no reason to blame one party over the other.

At the end of the day, I don’t care who messes up. I want the mess fixed, that’s all.


I’m just saying placing majority of the blame on AGS is silly. The attitude of blaming CMs is not helpful, etc.

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did smilegate rpg screw up the launch of the kr and rus versions of the game when they launched in those countries

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i dont know if thats correct, if you remember gold river said many times during his interview that amazon games made wrong decisions, i dont think its smilegate who is changing some outfits, i dont think its smilegate that is changing npcs, like why would they change their own product after years of development.

the class name change makes it obivous that its amazon who is in charge of the decisions


Yep, big time, the director even admitted that t1 and t2 was a mistake. even now the latest set its hated on for being p2w as fuck in kr


I don’t see many if anyone blaming CMs. I think some ppl take it out on them tho which isn’t fair to them.

As for Smilegate vs AGS. Smilegate has a successful game in Korea and Russia. AGS is the wildcard here so blaming them makes a lot of sense. When you look at how they ran new world into the ground it makes even more sense.


They both are.

If you could see the roadmap everyone wants it would say:


By AGS and SG powers combined, soon they will become Gamigo.

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When will the misinformation stop? Director NEVER said T1/T2 were mistakes. I swear people with selective reading and mental aptitude of goldfish seemingly unable to do minimum factcheck love to pick up small piece of misinformation they find online and parrot them like it is some profound wisdom.

What they apologized for is the complete grindfest without real content to progress to that season 1 was, and their mistake in turning to selling raid completion tickets. Funny thing is that S1 upgrade was guaranteed, not %, which was implemented with S2 overhaul. Goes to show there is not perfect system that makes everybody happy.


I’m sure both sides are accountable for what we have. But I’m also pretty sure that unnecessary skin and npc changes and stuff like binding material to characters is mainly AGS’s decision.
I highly doubt that AGS is simply localizing and publishing what they are given. They tack on their own changes and release it how they see fit.

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Never. If you think it’s bad here try politics. At least here most of it is just general misunderstanding rather than battling propaganda machines.


Is that true though? They are clearly trying to push an agenda and attempt to paint a picture that favors their misguided opinion rather than presenting unbiased objective overview.

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One thing I learned that changed how I view people is that people don’t justify their choices they make a choice faster than thought and then justify it.

Only self refleciton fixes this and most people don’t even make time for it anymore.

He Has Speketh The Truth!
Ban thee!
Ban theeee!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Game balance stuff, honing materials, content and classes is Smilegate responsibility.

AGS is PR, marketing, Store Pricing and Community management.

The current issues, we are lacking content to keep people busy, classes, heroic guardians and heroic abyss.
If their goal is to put people to go for legion raids, why don’t they add Valtan buff? Who cares if people have an easy time to reach 1400? More people to play with etc.

So this is Smilegate dropping the ball

Now AGS fault:
Where is the bloody roadmap?
Dealing with bots
Dealing with community toxicity
Why the store is so overpriced compared to KR and RU version?
Why your CMs never return with a answer when they say we are looking into?
Customer service
What feedback you are passing to Smilegate?


I dont think they are failing this hard.

They listened to some tryhard beta-testers, which was obviously a mistake. Now they have proper feedback and are trying to make changes to the roadmap.

Lets see, it´s Amazon so I understand that they don´t want to associate them with overly sexual content.

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I feel like people are using AGS as a scapegoat. Few was ready for the grindy game it is. Not really AGS or Smilegate but people unrealistic expectation fault. Right now is easy to blame AGS.

“this is bad because we dont have X feature from KR version”. Yeah yeah. Honing and farming is still a huge part of the game that people dont like anyway and fails to admit that it is part of this game.


This is precisely what is happening.