I think I made a huge mistake T_T

  1. I got into Valtan HM around 00:57 am EST (June 12, 2022) as a public party. (NA East)

  2. There was a maintenance server shutdown warning massage popped up in the middle of the phase 1 fight (00:59 am)

  3. I got kicked out from the server at 1:00 am because of the maintenance.

  1. After the one hour server maintenance, it does not allow me to get into Valtan again.

Everything happened in like 5 mins T_T

I should have checked the mini notification bar which located under the chat window more often since the automated system that hands out the re-entry ticket is not working and Customer Service cannot do anything about that T_T


I heard if you miss your weekly valtan raid, your gaming life is over.

Just kidding, don’t worry about it, weekly reset is a few days, you can enjoy valtan again next reset.

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It has been over 48 hours from the maintenance but still no re-entry ticket.

This doesn’t exist lol

Apprently you only get the re-entry ticket if it’s a server crash.

Getting dc’d from server maintanience does not count. (as of now) - Something they need to change. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Don’t worry. Roxx will answer this thread saying that you will get a compensation ticket in 24-48h and then you will never see Roxx or your ticket again :slight_smile:


Tickets don’t come in the mail. I believe they come in your drop box… check there lol

Arrested Development reference? Sorry you got kicked out, though. That’s disappointing eh?

You cannot re-enter Raids if

  1. You clear the raid
  2. You do not specifically end the raid using the vote mechanic

Possible re-entry tickets will be provided only if

  1. The server crashes or has unintended/unscheduled issues that are purely server sided that cause you to be kicked out of the raid

And that’s about it

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Its weird that you can get saved to something that you did not claim reward of.

Hopping to get it today when I log in…

How hard is it to realize the automated system they are talking about did not work with that maintenance which happened on Sunday 1:00 am EST (June 12, 2022)?

if you start a raid 5 minutes before regular maintenance, you kind of asking to lose your entry. if it’s an unplanned maintenance then yes you should get reimbursed your entry as you couldn’t do anything about it. But regular maintenance is asking them to fix stupid, that isn’t a simple process.

they are not compensating anything. we didnt get any for 1 full week of no svern questline. dont expect anything brotha

probably easier then people realizing it was never meant to work for planned maintenances, only for hard server crashes. But still…

OP made a small mistake. The instict has to work to immediatelly end the raid and leave the instance through voting. That’s the only way to save the entrance I’m afraid.

Is it a holyday for CMs?
Looks like no CM here…