I think PVP tournament was good and amazon did good?

What do you guys think? I think it was made pretty good there was funny skits good people they invited was fun to watch the general conversations even tho 2 did not know much about the game where good there was prize money which was good. It promoted the game but it did only prompt PVP. Maybe some issues:

1# The graphic designer or who ever did the graphics did a poor job just hire me lol.
2# The game didn’t really state too much that there is PVE stuff to do or that its a MMORPG a lot.
3# THEY COULD HAVE USED THIS to give some cool sneak peak into the future or some small “preview” patch release. I do not know but they could have got so many people into the game
4# I know its the first tornument but every character was wearing lvl 27 gear which looks bad so classes looked so bland.

But in general they did good in terms of promoting the game if they fixed this I think it would be even more awsome.

No one cares about pvp in this game. (my filthy opinion)

Gimme muh unicorn and move on.


I enjoyed the tournament.

There’s people hacking and cheating on the live servers already who hit GM and the balance is horrible and most people aren’t gonna be playing like Saintone so those matches you saw will never be experienced by you or me.

If anything this made me hate PvP more that they have a better version of it on a test server than the live ones.

The only way the tournament would be more realistic is if one of them was speedhacking.

Then you should only speak for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a blast last night, in EU the event went on until 6.30am and it was totally worth it to have no sleep at all.

I know pvp has hacks thats up to amazon to deal maybe in year 2037 haha. The balanc I do not know but hard to balance everything perfectly not chess sadly. I think in korea its a bit better accept Paladins.

Yeah problem with NA is that the scene here is garbage on release purely due to lack of classes.

By the time they release all classes it’ll be like 2023 and most people who want to want LA PvP would rather go watch the KR scene because they got all the classes + updated balance fixes that we won’t get.

Our version is dominated by DBs and Supports with zero balance or good matchmaking due to us being on a lower, inferior version of the KR LA.

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Speak for yourself and don’t say “no one”, you are not a president. A lot of players care about PvP.


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It was so good because it was a community/non AGS thing. It was “supported” by but not produced by Amazon.

Amazing what creative people can do when not controlled by stuffy corporate types

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Tournament was great. Honestly i didn’t expect it to be this good.

G4 hired top casting talent and they actually paid someone to do their work for them so it wasn’t another crown channel cringefest. Yeah definitely WP!

Nice, if someone has different opinion on things, say or post copium image. Bravo

You have the right to have a diff opinion, I also have the right to put up a Copium image :rofl:

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Lol have you seen the polls they have made about pvp? Results on both of those tell that nobody cares about pvp in this game

AGS doesn’t even care about PvP in this game.

The same bots that speedhack and CD-hack in the open world are in PvP now too, we don’t have all the classes yet which makes our meta super braindead and unbalanced and on top of that we won’t be getting new classes/KR PvP balance changes for a year or two going at the current pace.

If you like LA PvP, I recommend just watching tourneys/KR games because the actual experience of playing it in NA is completely scuffed haha

Not a problem in EU.

I’m surprised EU is still alive, most people abandoned EUW because it was dying and full of bots yet NA has none of the problems.

I tuned in because i enjoy Stoopzz streams, like Saintone, and wanted the drops.

It was all around entertaining. The matches were close and exciting, the MC’s were great, and the breaks were fun.

Great job!

EUW was temporary solution, i am honestly sorry for players that transfered to EUW, because servers will be slowly dying there.