I think the fail on the upgrade stuff is something than can make me stop lost ark

I take it for now, trying to get to T3, another day i fail everything with no progress, that begin to piss me off a bit.


It will be hard, but I think the game can move on without you.


i’m not the only one concerned by this, check the other post on the forum.

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For some reason, people cannot wrap their minds around the fact that gear honing is just another form of RNG for progression that is present in pretty much all games in the genre.

You can run the same raid and dungeon for days, weeks, months, without getting the loot you want then in some cases you have to roll for it to win the loot when it finally drops. Honing on the other hand is just that RNG translated in another shape and also provides safetynet of guaranteed upgrade.

Seriously, welcome to MMORPG

If you cannot even stand 2 weeks worth of core gameplay to reach supposed endgame, there are puzzle games and moba where you dont have to deal with such progression


Lot of mmorpg don’t have this at all. I would prefer higher cost but 100% chance of success, its just painfull to fail everything day after day with no progress.


What is stoping you to go and play a game like that?

Can i like the gameplay of lost ark, and don’t some of his feature ? Yes i can, and the forum is here to discuss about the game.


You are trying to tell me a lot of MMORPG does not have RNG built into gear progression and that is simply a lie.

The RNG exist in other shape or form which can be RNG in the gear drop chance, or RNG in material required for progression.

Again, you and many others complain about 2 weeks of core gameplay to reach supposed endgame when the reality is that said endgame has way more brutal upgrade chances and everything you did for progression has been cookie cutter spoon fed version. If you feel stressed about it now, it is simply going to be way worse for you in the future.

Do you?


I dont think you will enjoy the rest of the game then. Tier 3 is far worse when it comes to %. So if you have major gripes with that at this stage, id say save your time and stop playing the game.


i feel u dude i manged to get 1100 yesterday was ready to play with friends at 1302 today but i cant even get a full 1302 out of the chaos dungeon its like this game does not want u to play it xD and to the other dude yes rng is in alot of mmos in the ENDGAME tier 1/2 are not endgame and should not be that luck based.And name we one game that does not give u the basic gear set for your current level/Gearscore so u can start to progress


tier 3 is not the same, there is nothing after t3 so i can stay at t3. But i am trying to REACH T3 to play again with my friend who got better chance than me to upgrade their stuff.


I feel the RNG stuff would be lessened if we had more ways to get more materials, I mean In T3, the thing about every single thing you buy on chaos shop gets more expensive every buy you do, and there is no islands sadly

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Tier 3 is exactly same out of a gameplay perspective minus the slightly more indepth game features added. Only difference is you can expect rates below 10% per upgrade. Your post is not a discussion, feels more like you want to vent about the game.

this system is so much better than other asian mmo’s where you can LOSE itemlevel on fail or even lose the whole item.

i like this system

Cool, bye.

There are just 2 main things i dont understand in this game first why does tier 1/2 have rng to me thats still main story / not endgame like it is isnt it ? why not make it that u get less upgrade materials for example delete a few of the islands but make upgrade 100% so ur not that much faster but u get save progress every day so everyone has the same progressrate for the same amount of work
second why do we get a base set at tier 1 but not at tier 2/3 makes negativ 10 sense to me since if u get 1100 u cant even progess if u dont have aura and even if u have aura u still can get boned for another day like me what the >_>

That’s because that is the normal progression pace and resource availability of the game. Your experience in T1/T2 is the result of years of easing said tiers’ progression to expedite the process. Welcome to Lost Ark. Quite shocking that you don’t get to vertically progress everyday in a MMORPG.

I mean there is already exactly that…if you fail enough, you’ll get it garantueed. So just take the cost to take it garantueed as the cost for upgrading and all the chances before a way to reduce the cost.

Lost Ark is a Korean P2W MMO and the normal progression is fundamentally designed to be frustrating enough to induce people to swipe and buy honing materials. We are in a massive funnel of relatively easy T1/T2 to get people into T3 and swiping as quickly as possible.

The good news is that free players will still gradually progress through the “pity” system that gradually increases honing chance. We’ll fall behind the P2W players until they start to introduce catchup mechanics but that’s OK. I have a guild so I don’t need to compete for groups with whales and I can take my time with the game.