I think this month is rough for Smilegate

welp they have to work in RU/JP artist patch / upcoming summer LOA and recently they focus to deal with bots which is real problem here so i think that why they delay one more week .
yeah i know they did bad but sometime i feel for those dev
also which what Roxx said i hope they change the legendary skin stuff since i dont wanna spend 100k gold for 1 piece day 1 , i rather spend money and guarante one


I’m 100% positive Vykas would have released weeks earlier if there was no Bots/RMT problem.

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i love your nickname <3

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yeah that poor 1 or 2 person doing nothing but writing a book and living only on riceballs this month sure has it rough, but its okay all their hard work will be worth it once the patch is ready and ppl will find new stuff to complain about

EU is like in the process of banning lootboxes, and they mentioned the delay being basically because of monetization changes. So more than likely they are reworking those things for the western release.

yes, hopefully we will never see lootboxes, just direct purchases

wouldn’t mind if they just keep the same Yoz’s jar system, but just remove the RNG and set it to select a skin for X amount of the golden cloth.

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