I think we have a problem

I don’t think I need to explain what this is


The botting problem in this game is sooooo big that it is hilarious at times.
Like I legit never saw any MMO that had a bot problem as severe as this.

its not only now xD

thats the harmless part… they farming chaos dungeons aswell even in t3

and they teleport around etc …

There is like 3 other posts including mine. hahahah


All I see the is hot one in front and center, 12 o clock.

Yup it’s getting worse and worse. I try to report bots a lot, as often as I can. . . but I’m giving up now. This is too many and a waste of time. Not sure why AGS just doesn’t put in a name filter. It would prevent bots from being created as most people aren’t going to just mash keys on their keyboard for a name. Little things over time will add up instead of making the community wait until this supposed fix is coming to save us. :face_with_head_bandage:

They definitely need a better system I am just knowledge transferring to my low level characters now despite truly enjoying the story and wanting to play through it multiple times, I don’t want to be in the lower level areas the botting problem has become such an eyesore.

I would not be surprised if this has been driving new players away as well I did the first area on my wardancer and I was the only player in that channel that wasn’t botting.

After that I just teleported to my stronghold and did knowledge transfer seeing the bots run rampant is just borderline infuriating because no matter how many of them you report the next day 12 new ones are there to replace the 6 you reported.

Reporting isn’t going to solve anything at all AGS and Smilegate need to get a better system in place to deal with the bots but yeah I have said this once if a game is F2P it will always be infested with bots and there will always be idiots that buy gold and I feel like both of these types of players deserve a permanent irreversible ban.

But yeah I have played a lot of f2p mmo’s but never have I seen botting worse than this game.