I think you guys may misunderstand something about the VPN ban

Think about that the VPN ban is not to ban bots but is to ban normal players who use VPN LOOOL. As I know many Chinese players get blocked by this ban but it is still queued in NA W sever because more bots are coming to supplement the vacancy of normal Asian players who quit. That is so ridiculous.


true,this is not the solution

Region locked games aren’t going to survive on the long run



well done Amazon, the queue in Valtan makes me lost the WEI card. fk you

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i think u didnt know it some kind of censorship run by the government of the countries not by Dev or Steam.

i hope u do know how real corruptions working in real world :stuck_out_tongue:

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If chinese botters can work around the VPN ban, so can normal users.

It’s harder for normal players to solve this VPN ban than botters. Cuz using bots is botters’ work, that is the way they got money. Botters have more experience and time to find a way to bypass the VPN ban. Normal players may just quit when it happens. So basically, the way like VPN ban will only decrease normal players… and not works for botters… that’s actually a bad move

I agree with you that this VPN ban hurts the regular player more then the botters.
I am just saying for those who currently cannot play that there IS a way to still play with VPN.

and then the game bans them again :rofl:

I actually feel Amazon’s action against VPN’s goes against their own Code of Conduct:

At Amazon Games we ask all players to follow some simple guidelines to promote a fun, inclusive, and safe place for everyone in the community to play.

In addition to our Terms of Use and Naming Policy, this Code of Conduct applies to all our games and services.

  1. Treat others the way they wanted to be treated
  2. Play to enjoy the game
  3. Play fair
  4. Focus on the game

5. Safeguard accounts and protect personal information

But I suppose its how you look at it and the use of VPNs. I’m surprised Lost Ark doesn’t have TFA though.

nah, botters use exclusive channel that they establish by themselves but normal players don’t except the VPN providers adjust it for the ban