I thought the PvP was

I thought the PvP in lost ark was supposed to be balanced and very skill based?
Could someone point me to which planet this is true? Because is seem to me that its just CC spam with zero deminishing returns and there is a pretty big advantage for some classes and a clear tier list with considerable gaps between them.


Last time I checked it is still skill based. CC’s suck sure but its a mechanic thats part of the game. And most MMORPGs with PvP.

at least in this game everybody has enough HP and dont get 1 comboed

and most have deminishing returns to avoid what we have here where you can effectively bounce and float people continueously


games been out for a month theres aren’t a lot of people who are pro in PvP wait for ranked to come out and you’ll see if it’s balanced or not

guess you havent been abused by a gunslinger

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PvP mostly consist of just Diving > Combo > Wait For Cool Down > Repeat. In 3v3s “Peeling” a.k.a Stopping a combo is what your teammates need to do to prevent from getting continuously CCed.

Balanced? no of course not in a game like this there will never be “balance” since we all have our own definition of balance when it comes to certain classes. I mean how many Deathblade threads you see saying there op? quite a lot and some claiming theres nothing wrong with them.

Skill? definitely. New players will always make threads about being constantly CCed but not understanding what can prevent it and what they can do to counter it. Obviously the PvP can just simply be not for you but watching videos and going through a trial and error phase it becomes much more simpler.


i log on other games for that pvp itch, lost ark’s clunky stun fest pvp is simply not for me.

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Im not too familiar with it my self yet.

But abilities do some type of CC and abilities break or make you immune to some types of CC.
stagger, super armor and such.

Google the different CC’s in game to understand what is going on.
Was it 4 or 5 levels of CC’s?

Not the best answer right now but there is a lot to learn here.

im more point out that CC is quite literally infinite and there is no “oh stun 8 times, heres a cooldown” in lost ark at all. some classes can near perma CC you. SOme classes like the paladin for example has no other super armour except paralyse so float, stun and knowdown still apply.

No it’s not. But that simply shows how little you know about pvp yet. There are 4 types of CC: soft stagger, hard stagger, knockups/-backs/-downs and stuns. And there is superarmor on some skills an on some others you can add superarmor via tripods.
Its actually quite easy to avoid cc by just using your spacebar or one of your superarmor skills. But that needs game knowlegde. Not just about your own class but every class in the game the same way it is in LoL. You can be a mechanical god on 1 champ but if you do not know what your enemy does to predict his actions you can be outplayed easy. On top of that everyone gets cc immune after being cc’d for to long. So quite literally not infinite CC.
Yes balance is a bit off but not in a way that some classes are god tier and others unplayable. Just take your time and learn the pvp system and other classes properly and you will get better.

It took me 2-3 months on RU to finally feel like im playing somewhat decent. And i was doing nothing but pvp at that time!
I really dislike how ppl think they can judge on something that needs skill when they havent invested anything but a few hours.

Cheers :v:t4:

are you sure about that?

did you just correct me on the class i play? All skills but executioner of justice on paladin only offer paralyse super armour. we literally have 1 proper immunity. Not even going to mention that literally every skill is constantly interrupted.

It’s very skill based.

Button mashing isn’t skill. You can say what you want but there’s zero real skill in this game’s PvP.

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Your on full cope if you think people who are dogging on you with CC’s are button mashing

It is skill based. Choosing when to go in, when not to, dodging abilities is skill based. Also we’re a month into launch, you’re going to find a lot of people that played other regions shitstomping in PvP because it’s fun for them.

It takes a while to understand the mechanics. super armours and whatnot as well as finding your opportunities.

I love how almost every PvP complaint comes from people who heard it was skill-based, but don’t want to admit they simply don’t have skill, so they blame stuff like CC for their failures.


okay so please show me where the skill is involved in some classes having immunity to most CC on 4/8 skills and some classes having 1? If you watch most of the korean PvP events its the same 3 classes. please point to the balance?

but some classes just dont have the super armours to begin with. Maybe were a patch opr 2 behind in balancing but go look at paladin or bard etc they have one immunity type apart from a single skill.